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Snot gurgles return

I am a snotty slimy sneezy snively snorty sack. No sewing, or anything of note, is being accomplished. I’ll be back. Soon. Bleh!

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Ok so who stole November?

Wow the power of Christmas.  It completely screws with my calendar.  Annually. I should get my s#%t together in June but every year I forget.  Anyway as with any big festival enjoyed by many, the month or so leading up … Continue reading

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Sewing Space

Some very lucky and well organised folk have lovely, light filled perfectly proportioned sewing spaces within which they can hone their creativity.  Hmmm, yeah well that aint me.  I have a corner into which I kinda fit though mostly I … Continue reading

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Its all about the thread

Further to my troubles handling my Bernette 009DCC coverstitch  machine a couple of weeks ago, I had a lesson at the Bernina shop and last night decided to give it a try at home where the magic of the showroom … Continue reading

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Fabric down-under

I haven’t had much sewing time recently but have been rearranging my sewing space including boxes, bundles and bags of fabrics.  This has led me to think about sewing down under and comparing what I read on sewing blogs about … Continue reading

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