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Fabric stretch smetch schtretch

I am feeling disheartened and more than a little annoyed with myself. Remember this? Well it has happened again on my skinny fit trousers.  I can’t even show you because my camera has also given up the ghost. There are … Continue reading

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Something kinda wonderful

I know you know how wonderful it is to talk for hours about sewing with similarly addicted folk.  Well Saturday was, in that case, a wonderful day because me and ten other sewing nuts spent it together.  Out. What did … Continue reading

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Essential planning session

I now have a ‘completed’ pile of sewing options.  Fabrics are paired with patterns ready to go to pre-wash stage as required.  I did need a few new pieces to complete the set …. Interestingly most of the patterns I’ve … Continue reading

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To line or underline? Oh and some happy finds

Thank you for all your comments on my last post.  Suffice it to say that washing the pants removed all evidence of the bagginess so I will be ironing then lining them to see if that reduces future expansions. Anne … Continue reading

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Spring snot gurgles

Our children have been stolen and replaced with snot gurgles.  Very clever creatures snot gurgles.  Easy to identify but rather difficult to banish, damn them.  As a result tissues are in rapidly decreasing supply in New Zealand and every cough … Continue reading

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Life and times

The last two weeks have been rather turned things upside down for reasons I won’t bore you with.  Suffice it to say life has changed priorities and soaked up brain matter all at once.  Consequently I have done almost no … Continue reading

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New things and a little sewing

Sewing?  Oh that, yes I have done a little.  A very little.  One of the merino tops for the girls is made up and I’ve sneezed at the bodice block.  That is to say I have removed the 5/8″ seam … Continue reading

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Bad sewing and fab fabric

I’m human and cannot cannot resist the wonderful temptation that a good fabric sale brings.  So, when The Curious Kiwi noted that a Wellington store was selling yardage for a song I went the very next day and bought a … Continue reading

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New Zealand Merino

If you have ever found a fabric that makes you smile every time, you’ll understand my love for merino.  I can’t get enough of the stuff.  Its lovely to wear, to sew, to snuggle in and in New Zealand we … Continue reading

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Kwik Sew 3338

I have been sewing a bit but haven’t posted about it – winter ailments and playing in the snow take up so much time don’t you know.  And speaking of snow, this year winter is my favourite season because we … Continue reading

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