Summer threads

A crazy long time ago I muslin’d this skirt, finally finished making it last summer.  I wore it a lot the last two summers and like it muchly.

The pattern is a 1990s’ish Burda 4022 and I cut a size 38 more or less straight from the envelope – the only alteration was shaving off some of the hip shaping, and changing the closures (tie and hidden hook and eye).  It is a not complicated, fortunately.

The fabric is a medium weight linen with a light cotton underlining (possibly a voile – I can’t remember), both from my cupboard, and the only thing it lacks is a little snap or something to keep it from revealing too much in the wind.

In the end, rather than using the pattern’s fabric ties that wrap around the back to tie at the side, I opted for a simple ribbon tie at the side front with a hidden hook on the inside.  Much less bulky and prettier too, I think.

I have a slightly modified winter woolen version almost finished, just waiting to be hemmed and ribboned.

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13 Responses to Summer threads

  1. Tanit-Isis says:

    It’s beautiful! I’m glad you’ve gotten so much wear out of it!

  2. Cathe says:

    This is really lovely and I really like the fabric pattern, bold and tasteful! What is fall like in NZ?

    • Thank you I like it very much too. Autumn here is very green as all the native trees here don’t lose their leaves for winter. We have plenty of other trees that do but where I am they are in the minority compared with evergreens. It is getting cooler (nothing like Minnesota so we can’t grow peonies where I live) and the days grow shorter.

  3. sewbussted says:

    So happy to see you back seeing and posting!!!
    Love your skirt. The grosgrain ties really make it quite special.

  4. SewingElle says:

    This is lovely. So good to have a stash of fabrics and patterns. Particularly now.

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