Wrap skirt muslin musings

I love wrap skirts and this looks like a good basic from which I can make a variety of weights and styles for summer/winter or in between.  Perfeck.


I’ve muslin’d it up in calico and am now mulling about the tie closure because the pattern ain’t doing it at all well.  Unless I’m being dense.

It looks fine in the next picture which shows the front of the muslin (please ignore the ‘lazy me’ pattern paper ties) ….

The long band wraps from the right hip around the back to join the shorter tie attached at the left hip, and it’s a fairly wide tie band.  So you have the bulk of the band across your back whether it’s on the outside or the inside of the skirt.

Odd and definitely unflattering.

Now I’m starting to wonder if the tie is a little fussy and with a winter weight fabric it may be better to have no tie at all, even if I thinned the bands or used ribbon of some sort.  I don’t really fancy the two symmetrically placed buttons option either.

Granted this isn’t a complicated sewing conundrum but rather a disagreement about closure style and placement.  I’ll probably do a hidden inside button instead of the long tie and close the outside front panel with an external button.

What worked best for your wrap skirts?


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7 Responses to Wrap skirt muslin musings

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  2. Tanit-Isis says:

    I don’t typically do wrap skirts largely because I hate the ties! 😂 so personally I love the button options, either symmetrical or the one hidden inside. A sleek version closed with heavy-duty hooks invisible from outside might be nice, too!

    • I think I’m heading somewhere in that direction too, actually. I had a wrap skirt ages ago that had a long visible velcro closure so you could change how high the skirt sat on your hips. It was cool but the velcro didn’t look clean for long. I had thought of a zipper closure with a hidden button on the other inside ….. Heavy duty hooks would be cool absolutely and I have a couple already on hand. Hmmm.

  3. sewbussted says:

    You could still have a tie option by having a hidden button on the inside of the wrap to hold it in place, and then sew a tie into the seam where it comes out from the back of the skirt. I hope that makes sense 😬
    I have always had the best luck with buttons or hooks for closures in a wrap skirt. But then again, it can depend on the style. You could also try a runner belt. Best of luck whatever you decide to do!

    • That makes great sense, thanks Rhonda. I’m playing around with that at the moment, which is fun. The hooks closures are also on my mind and you and Tanit-Isis have almost made up my mind for me ! Hmmmm.

      The tie might work best with a light and drapey fabric for a more summer weight skirt. The calico I have used, like a more wintery weight fabric, makes the knot/bow too sticky-outy. Hmmm. Might do the hooks and hidden button option for the winter/spring option and a tie and hidden button for the summer one. Hmmm.

  4. Andrea says:

    What do you think about a heavy duty snap or two placed inside, along with a more simple, perhaps ribbon tie in front only? I’ve used the large snaps for pants on fabric that I thought would not take a buttonhole well, due to loose weave. It’s worked well, combined with a tie at the waist.
    Good luck!

    • That’s a good idea too! I might save that for a lighter weight fabric. I could use two hidden snaps, one on each side …. easier than button holes don’t you think? Hmmmm.

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