Cover Stitch Happiness Continues

I’ve been playing with my new cover stitch machine doing decorative top stitching, something that was impossible with the old machine.

This was my first try and yes the tension is too loose but every line of stitching was fault free.  The fabric is a soft cotton sweat shirting with a dense cotton/lycra knit for the cuffs, neckline and waistband.

Test number two in a merino sweatshirting with the same black cotton/lycra for the cuffs, neckline and waistband.  This time I wanted to try the needle stitching on the outside and again the whole thing took minutes to finish with no skipped stitches, bunching or tangling.

Happy sighs all around.

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6 Responses to Cover Stitch Happiness Continues

  1. Tanit-Isis says:

    Oh this is so exciting! I want a cover stitch so very badly, but not if it’s a pain like your old one. This looks great!

    • Thank you! I have to say that I didn’t really know what I was doing when I tried out my old one so didn’t test run it thoroughly enough before handing over the cash. Experience and the benefit of hindsight.

  2. sewbussted says:

    I think you’ve talked me into a dedicated cover stitch machine!

  3. Cathe says:

    It looks like you are having a lot of fun and success! A merino sweatshirt sounds lovely!

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