Ugh! How could I not notice?

knit tops Feb2016I usually don’t blog pictures of fails mostly because they don’t get to a wearable stage.  And if they do I’m too annoyed or lazy to go through the process of getting ready for a photo shoot for something I’ll never wear, can’t wear or am embarrassed about.

The worst part is that I wore these oblivious to how badly they fit.  It wasn’t until I decided I should blog them and needed some photos that I noticed all the drag lines and tightness and and.  Urgh.

I mean I like a snug fit but not like this.

I shall drag out the patterns, trace them up a size and get my scissors and tape out.

I guess I am somewhat comforted that both patterns have the same main problems – BurdaStyle 10/2014/105 on the left and Kwik Sew 3338 on the right.  Of course there are probably more issues lurking but we’ve already established my observation skills are lacking.

Mutter mutter mutter.


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8 Responses to Ugh! How could I not notice?

  1. Andrea says:

    I just found your blog and have been reading back posts. I have been particularly interested in your pants fitting woes because pants are something I am trying to conquer myself.

    • Hey Andrea and sorry about the late reply. Pants fitting is A Thing don’t you think? I haven’t yet returned to the skinny pants I was making a while back but have a bunch of notes and lessons learned that are kinda milling about in my head. I will do them as am annoyed at the price of jeans that fit me lol. I shall head over to your blog in a tick 🙂

  2. Cathe says:

    I “suppose” you could tweak these a little here and there but they look fine and very wearable. There is nothing as nice as a easy to wear shirt! They are both really cute. I’m not sure I see either as too tight. You have a lovely figure and they fit your torso perfectly. …oh you self-critic mumble, mumble!

    • Thank you Cathe …. tweak tweak mumble mumble. You’re right about an easy to wear shirt – you have some lovely lovely Cathe-made examples too :). I’m definitely going to tweak the pattern today. I have my over-picky-of-self-made-garment goggles on!

  3. sewbussted says:

    I agree, the fit really isn’t that bad. I think some of it is just adjustment. Knit can really cling in a funny manner sometimes. Wear them as I think they are both quite cute on you.

  4. The fit isn’t nearly as bad as you think! For starters, the fit in the shoulder area looks spot on, as do the sleeves. And through the body the fit looks tight but not wrong – I certainly have tops I wear this tight :). Actially with the blue top, do you think it could just be that your waist to bust measurement is a little shorter than the pattern? Oh and remember too, the view through a camera lens isnt infallible either – I would keep wearing both of these tops if I were you!

    • Hubs agrees with you that they’re not that bad. Hmmm I’m still pretty miffed at not noticing lol. And thanks for the thought about the waist to bust measurements which I’ll check when I haul the patterns out for a re-do. Thank you Gabrielle.

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