Spring Blue

P1050601I have made this New Look 6976 peasant blouse before and wanted a non-white, non-black floaty crinkly cotton for another one.  I love blue so this is perfect.

The pattern is very straight forward and has plenty of room so no fitting alterations were needed.  Even so, the small changes I made must have been too much for my pea sized  brain because I think I unpicked every seam at least once!

P1050604The sleeves are full length this time plus I swapped the gather ties for elastic which are set slightly back from the wrists and enclosed in a bias strip.  A rolled hem gives a softer rather summery look I think.  The other change was at the neckline where I made my ribbon tie functional, again enclosed in a bias strip sewn on the inside.

I like how the bias tape peeks out at the neckline and you can see a wee shadow of it through the fabric.  A happy accident really as I couldn’t find any tape to match either colour or lightness nor did I have anything in my stash to make some.  Oh and I had run out of black elastic too so the little blue and white checks camouflage the white elastic at the wrists.  Perfectly lazy lucky solution all around don’t you think?

P1050592Yes the sleeves are a bit too long, perhaps I’ll lop an inch or two off.


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16 Responses to Spring Blue

  1. Heyy you’re back! And in a pretty blouse too. ^^

  2. DebDeb says:

    I love it. I note it is quite snug though – good for a slim person like you, but I would have to check that the bust measurement would be enough. I love the checkered bias.

    • Hey DebDeb and thanks! I love the chequered bias too :), happy accident indeed. You’re right in that I am a person of few curves, and the pattern envelope tells me there is 3.5″ ease at the bust for the size I cut (10). It looks like that’s fairly standard across all the sizes (8 – 18 for the version I have) this design isn’t a hugely room affair as far as peasant blouses go, you’re right. I was looking at a couple of BursdaStyle options that were roomier.

  3. Sheryll says:

    I like peasant blouses in dark colours best! It looks really good, hope you get lots of wear out of it!

  4. amaryllislog says:

    Very sweet blouse, and blue, super love!

  5. Love this….and love your hair too!

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