BurdaStyle 11/2013 #111

BurdaStyle 11/2013 #111

I like this one.  Its not complicated or difficult and goes with everything, even a cardi.  Perfect for autumn.

Next time I’ll make a smaller size and use a softer slightly weightier fabric.  I cut a 38 and swam in it so ever-so-lazily lopped a bit off at each side seam.

The fabric is an almost sheer 50c piece of merino/nylon from the Levana bargain bin.  I love bargain bins.


BurdaStyle 10/2012 #119 – sorry about the sour face!

I like this one too and have worn it a few times already.  I learned my lesson from #111 and cut a 36 this time plus removed the back darts by taking width out at the back side seams.

I don’t know why Burda included darts, to be frank.  The top needs a fairly drapey stretchy knit to work and that sort of fabric shouldn’t need darts, right?  I am straight up and down though, so perhaps the darts would be needed to cater for more curves.  I don’t know.  What do you think?



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28 Responses to Black

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  2. Ione says:

    Wow, Emily. You clearly have caught (have always had?) the sewing bug. Funnily enough, I love sewing Japanese style fabric pencil cases! My friend has a fabric shop:, and I fall in love with all the pretty patterns. Ione x

  3. Both tops are so cute! I am actually one who needs those back darts if I want a fitted top. I wish I could find such bargains!

    • Thanks! and also thanks for the info on darts, as I am going to be sewing a knit top for for a slightly curvier friend and she may need darts in the back.

      Bargains are a wonderful thing 🙂

  4. amaryllislog says:

    I read your post one morning and forgot to comment…getting to work on time can be a serious issue for me. But I love what you have made again, super wearable and black!

    • Thank you and I’ve worn them loads already. I know what you mean about getting to work on time – we’ve just finished a couple of weeks of school holidays and this morning we were a mess getting ready! And it all happens again tomorrow ….

  5. Javie says:

    Very cute! The fit looks great to me. And nice score with the black merino fabric!

  6. symondezyn says:

    Love the tops – basic black FTW!! And yippeeeeee for merino!!! 🙂 Unfortunately, I still have to do an FBA even when working in knits, so if darts are part of the pattern it certainly makes it easier. Of course, it makes more sense if you’re using a stable knit – it is kind of the same as sewing darts in stretch wovens 🙂

  7. Michelle says:

    What lovely tops and they look great on you. I hadn’t heard of darts in stretch knit tops before, something to keep in mind.
    I love your fabulous trousers in your other recent posts. I had plans to make linen trousers for summer, but missed the season deadline! Maybe next summer..?!

    • Hiya and thanks m’dear. I think I’ll try another be-darted BurdaStyle top with a good stretchy knit and see what happens with the darts. It’d be interesting to do a small bust adjustment on a knit, for example!

      About linen trousers in winter … Make some anyway, then they’ll be available when spring rolls inevitably around 🙂

  8. I like them too. I wish we could easily get merino jersey here in the uk

    My stretch block has darts, but you are right most patterns don’t bother

  9. Very nice. I wish that sort of merino jersey was easily available here.

    My stretch block has darts in it. But you are right most stretch patterns don’t bother

  10. Both these tops look to fit you so well, and I’ll bet you’re going to wear them constantly – I know I would! Regarding darts in knits – I think shapes like yours or mine can easily get away without them in a drapey knit, and can maybe just get by without them in a ponte, but I do think curvier shapes need them and especially in thicker knits. Otherwise ugly underarm folds result ;).

  11. Both tops are practical and flattering!

  12. sewbussted says:

    The fabric may have come from the bargain bin, but the result is top drawer!
    It always depends on the style, but sometimes I add back darts to my tops.

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