Before throwing myself into the next Big Trouser Thing, I thought a top or two would be in order.

I fancy a knit and am currently drawn to draped / wrapped designs for some reason, so it’ll probably be one of these.

They are all BurdaStyle : clockwise from top left – 10/2012/119, 12/2013/119, 03/2013#121B and 11/2013/111.

I have promised a friend the top left #119 so what the hey, I’ll make one for myself too.  Just need to decide which others to do as well.  As I type, I’m washing some merino and modal fabrics so I’ll be pattern tracing tonight and hopefully decisively sewing shortly thereafter.

I was also thinking about the linen trousers I’ve made recently and how my pattern looks with most of the alterations and fiddles noted en route to a wearable garment.  I think my brain is made up of series of small and not so small edits, if this is anything to go by.


Oh, and look what I stumbled upon in one of the local op shops last week.


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12 Responses to Next…

  1. symondezyn says:

    Ooh make ME one of the top left too please!! 😀
    Your pants pattern piece makes my brain hurt… you must be a pants prodigy or something!
    Great pattern haul!! 🙂

    • I’ve just made the top left one in a two way stretch something or other fabric and its not bad. I think it’d be rather nice in merino, but then everything is rather nice in merino. The photo of my pants pattern piece makes my brain hurt too …. not sure I can remember what half of the scrawl means either lolol No prodigy just a trial and error and forgeter 🙂

  2. Tia Dia says:

    Um…. pattern haul envy!!!! Wow. You really scored there. I like all your draped top choices, although I’d suggest leaving out the elastic in the waist for 12/2013 #119. I made it up and will be replacing the elastic waist with just a wide band because it’s not very flattering…

    • Thanks Tia Dia and yes I almost fell over when I saw so many cool patterns, all in my size too. 50c each.

      The elastic around my middle was the one thing I thought wouldn’t work so its good to have that confirmed. A wide band is a good idea – thanks.

  3. amaryllislog says:

    I’ll second that! Super stylish! Can’t wait to see your creation!

  4. How lucky to find all those fantastic patterns!

  5. Wendy says:

    Nice op shop scores! I also like your Burda Style contemplations for your next project

    • Hey Wendy – good find eh! I need to decide which contemplation subject to do first now, though not all the fabrics are washed and dried yet so that may be the decider. I like your wee man’s bathrobe too BTW – I’ve been thinking of making one for my JJ but haven’t yet done much about it.

  6. Seeing as you are leaning towards draped and cross-over tops I think you should make the dress in the bottom left hand side.

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