The clocks ‘fall’ back early tomorrow morning so these are autumnal trousers.

P1050368The fabric is twice the weight of the linen I used in the last pair of pants, but I needed to make the same adjustments again to cater for fabric expansion in the back.


(Next time I’ll allow more length to wear with heels too …..)

In terms of fit, I had already steam ironed out some of the excess from the back crotch point (pic here) but again that wasn’t enough.Β  So I also removed more at the upper side seams, centre back and upper back inseam and back crotch point.


Do you know I’ve never owned a pair of white trousers.Β  I love them.

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33 Responses to White

  1. symondezyn says:

    I love them too!! The last time I owned white pants was when I was a teenager – you are making me want a grown-up pair now! I am so envious of your linen pants block; you worked hard for it and it was totally worth it! Now you can make a whole army of amazing linen pants!! πŸ˜€

  2. I have never had a white pair of pants either. You look amazing in them! I am tempted to make some elegant pants like these for wearing in the evenings instead of the yucky old knit things I pull on.

  3. sigrid says:

    Wow, perfect fit. I think the white linen is so elegant.

  4. kurajane says:

    What an amazing fit! I have been too afraid to even try sewing trousers – let a lone white ones. Extra points for bravery πŸ™‚

  5. Jo says:

    Wow, I couldn’t be more impressed with these, they’re stunning! πŸ˜€

  6. Andrea says:

    Your new white trousers look absolutely fabulous. Perfect fit!

  7. Once again, a great fitting and elegant pair of pants. Lovely!

  8. CGCouture says:

    These are gorgeous! I have never had the courage to wear white pants, courtesy of irregularity, so I’m always jealous of people who can. As much as it sounds like you are taking out, it almost seems as though you should go down a size or two, but if you aren’t minding taking it out, keep it up, because I think you’ve got an excellent fit on these.

    • Thanks so much m’dear, and on these pants I essentially did go down a size or two from the size I muslin’d. I like a snug butt fit for this shape and it has to be doubly so with linen else all kinds of baggy ensues!

  9. amaryllislog says:

    I am so impressed with everything you made this summer, but these trousers are really so professional and smart! They look perfect and a perfect fit on you! I’m sure you still have plenty of time to wear them this fall and then when spring rolls around you can reunite!

    Oh time to turn back your clock back, it really is fall in NZ but you look so sunny!

    • Heya Cathe and thank you! I seem to found my eye for fitting non-skinnies on me, most of the time. Yay! Please cross your fingers cos I’m going to resurrect my close fitting nemeses from the sewing room corner of frustration very soon.

      I do love spring and autumn – the light is lovely, the mornings crisp and the days still warm.

  10. Becky says:

    You should really be pleased. The fit is spot on! I will have to keep this technique in mind if I ever get up the nerve to make my first pair of pants. I’m totally intimidated by the process of making pants for my small waist and big hips.

    • Thanks Becky I really am stoked and will be wearing them today too I think. I was overwhelmed making trousers the first time but reasonable fit in RTW is fairly rare (and expensive) – I’m thick waisted with small hips and long legs. Skinnies are my next thing to conquer and I’m still procrastinating, for the moment.

  11. Fabulous. I think you’ve got these linen pants sorted!

  12. sewbussted says:

    Wow! You look fabulous. You need to be in a magazine, really!!! Your hard work and determination in getting linen pants to fit has truly paid off.

  13. These are some great pants! I used to have some RTW ones in brown and wore them to death! These look fab on you!

  14. These turned out lovely!

  15. Anne W says:

    They are fabulous!! I have to admit I don’t pack away all my linen trousers for our winter, I love wearing them so much I keep a couple of pairs to wear in the house. πŸ™‚

  16. ozviking says:

    Your trousers look simply beautiful. Congratulations on achieving such a fantastic fit. A pity summer is leaving us for now, but you will find plenty of use of these white pants when the weather becomes warmer again.

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