Colour me up


Cotton-silk gorgeousness and just look at all that colour.  Oh and the pattern was an op shop find – in my size, pristine tissue un-cut and a mere 50c.

I’ll line the skirt in white cotton-silk of the same blend and weight and maybe finish the lining hem with the 1″ wide red grosgrain.  Hopefully that’ll work as an extra shot of colour and not simply emphasize a wonky hem.  We’ll see.

And to continue in the same vein, I’m trialling the pattern with a vibrant orange cotton voile.  I haven’t managed to wear orange successfully so this is definitely going to be interesting.  I may need to invest in new makeup to pull it off.  Hah!

On a completely different colour set, mum gave me a lovely slightly stiff 1m square piece of silk.  The fabric hails from Pakistan (via a well traveled aunt) and I can’t decide which side I prefer.  Today I’m tending towards the blue flowers on gold flecked brown background.

pakistani silk

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30 Responses to Colour me up

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  2. Tia Dia says:

    What gorgeousness is that orange fabric! And the reversible silk would cry if both sides couldn’t be used. I think one of Burda’s endless “two good sides required” would be perfect. A simple tank might give you the opportunity to showcase both sides….

    • I love orange too though we’ll see if it loves me! The silk – yes I’m coming around to either a paneled pencil skirt of some sort (though I may not have enough for all those seam allowances) or a shell type tank. I’m also going to carry a little swatch with me so I can nip into fabric stores to see if I can find a complementary piece of some sort to broaden my options.

  3. Gjeometry says:

    Really gorgeous fabric! I vote for reversible and/or making bands from the opposite side.

  4. CherryPix says:

    Nice finds! What about using both sides of the silk print in a soft flowy blouse?? maybe a yoke in one side, the bodice in the other??
    Or the collar & cuffs using one side, and the bodice the other? Whatever you make, it will be gorgeous in that silk!

    • I’m loving the idea of using the fabric for the showy parts of a top – cos there’s so little fabric I’m thinking I could find something of similar weight (its quite stiff – not flowy at all unfortunately) then use the pretty for the front of the collar, cuffs etc. Fab idea. Thanks!

  5. amaryllislog says:

    Okay you are processing all this way faster then me. I’m still on wow, such beautiful fabric, oh color, oh patterns! I have absolutely no suggestions (because I’m still stuck on pretty fabric) but I look forward to seeing what they become. Okay I have now moved on to 1 meter tick, tick, tick oh 40″! You could pull off something pretty sweet with that. Still processing…I’m think a shell or some pretty top, please don’t challenge me to pick a side…duh, blue.

    Enough from the peanut gallery. Enjoy your projects, please share the details! Oh, have fun with it!

    • Peanut gallery! LMAO. A shell is a good idea, I hadn’t got past a little pencil skirt, but a shell or top could really work. Hmmmm, now there are two ideas vying for space in my pea sized cranium. Blue. Right. Sorry shouldn’t have asked 🙂

  6. Both fabrics are luscious! What fun to sew with such goods.

  7. SewingElle says:

    I love both those fabrics, and both sides of the silk. What a dilemma!
    Would a pencil skirt with princess seams work? You could run one or two of the sections (lke both the right front side and its adjoining side back piece in one face of the fabric and the other 4 sections in the other?
    There’s a BurdaStyle pencil skirt with a flounce that might work too, depending on your fabric width. Its an oldie though: 08-2007-113. I made it in purple (you might have seen it on my blog). If you like it, let me know and I’ll trace the pattern off for you.

  8. symondezyn says:

    I love orange! Looking forward to seeing it on you! And you can pull off ANYTHING in a skirt without having to change your makeup because it’s far away from your face 😉 Love the silk; what’s it gonna be? 🙂

    • Thank goodness legs are far from face lolol. I think a little straight skirt from the silk is all I’m going to have fabric for. I’ll see if I can find some new silk in similar weight and good colour because that’d give me more options. I may be looking for a while, sigh.

  9. Dobermom says:

    BurdaStyle has some lovely skirt and blouse patterns that call for fabric with “two good sides”. They would allow you to show off both sides of that beautiful silk. The “Wrap Blouse with Ruffled Collar” happens to be my favorite, but there are others with collars that aren’t quite as “flowy”.

    • Oh that is a lovely blouse ….. I have so little of this lovely piece (1m square only) so I’m going to have to do lots of thinking about how best to use it. BurdaStyle will be on the list for sure.

  10. Sewbussted says:

    Wow, the gifted fabric is so pretty. I like both sides of it. Too bad there isn’t more so you could use one side and trim with the other. Whatever you do with it will be lovely I’m sure.
    The skirt looks like it is going to be such fun. Enjoy putting it together.

  11. prttynpnk says:

    Gorgeousness! Maybe a patern that flounces to reveal both sides?

    • Ooo flounces. I’ll have to do some serious research cos there is only 1m. I think I many need to carry it with me when I go shopping in case I happen upon a fabric store. If I could find another silk of similar weight and good colours to ‘match’ I’d have more options perhaps.

  12. Anne W says:

    Oh that silk is fabulous! Blue on gold ground is fab, for me, I’d choose gold flowers on blue ground, but that’s just because of my colouring. Perhaps a project that uses both sides?

  13. Wow! Lovely! I love this silk – I would have the same problem… make reversable 😉

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