Wonders never cease …..

During the run up to Christmas I lost my inclination to sew, blog and pretty much stopped internetting completely.  I don’t know why and I am sorry to have been so neglectful.

Do you know what set me on my feet again?  Hand rolling hems.  Yes indeedy.  But forgive me, I am a little ahead of myself.

Seasons Greeting and a very Happy New Year

Anyway, all the craziness has finished and we are happily meandering through six weeks of summer break.  Bliss.  I did make a lot of festive gifts this year, mostly from the kitchen but had planned several scarves as well and that’s where the rolled hems came in.


I found a fab video tutorial (added to the side bar on the right if you’re interested) and set myself up in front of the telly of an evening to stitch.  The gentle, quiet time required to hand roll the edges of each silk square was wonderful and just what I needed.

Amazingly (well I’m amazed) I did sew up a couple of garments as well.  Nothing tricky but worth noting.  The first was for my sister in law – another New Look 6976 in dark blue cotton voile with french seams and vintage lace for the neckline drawstring casing.  No picture sorry but fingers crossed it fits.

The second was a simple summery top for me.  BurdaStyle 07/2012 #117.

P1050086Perfect to get back into my stitching groove – a quick easy make ideal for summer holiday slouching.  I’ve worn it as often as it can be washed and dried!

Its in a soft as soft cotton from mum (she’d had it for 20 years or so I think) and I made minimal changes to the pattern – a little less neckline gathering and slightly longer at the hem.  I feel rejuvenated.

Now I will leave you with a gratuitous Christmas morning shot.  Ho ho ho.


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19 Responses to Wonders never cease …..

  1. symondezyn says:

    I confess… I’ve been guilty of blog neglect as well, but hey, that’s life right? Good to see you back, my friend – lovely top and pic of the kiddies 🙂 Much love and best wishes for 2014! 😀

  2. CGCouture says:

    Sometimes we find inspiration in the weirdest things, but glad to see you’re back! Happy sewing in the new year! 🙂

  3. Wonderful to see your post! Happy Sewing in 2014!

  4. Tia Dia says:

    Hand rolling hems is a time consuming project, but always well worth the finished result. I love any handsewing, and sometimes it’s the small things like sitting down to catchstitch a seam allowance into place that gets me going when I’m feeling meh about sewing. I overlooked that particular top from Burda, too. It’s the perfect stash-buster pattern! Happy sewing in 2014!

  5. Sewbussted says:

    What a lovely Christmas. Isn’t it amazing what a little hand stitching can do for our sewing mojo?!! Happy to see you back and wishing you a very happy New Year!!

    • Hiya Rhonda and New Year wishes to you too. My kids saw the cool little Christmas ornaments you made your Husband and asked if we could make some next year too! Yes was the answer! :-). Keep warm.

  6. amaryllislog says:

    So happy to see your post in my inbox! You have been missed!

    I love the idea of a warm Christmas. And love the looks of yours, with two cute girls anticipating the gifts. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

    I certainly understand the need to walk away and take a time out from all things sewing and blogging. Sometimes it’s just needed but nice that a rolled hem got you going again!

    Lovely blouse. It’s my type of shirt. It looks like a go-to for sure! Love how light and airy it appears. One of those garments that can go anywhere, slip it on and good for all occasions-the best.

    Wishing you and your family a very happy 2014! I’m looking forward to your creative endeavors with a few baked treats thrown in for good measure, plus cute girls!

    • Thank you Cathe and the blouse could be a good one to try from a magazine too, though it’s not quite the right season for it for you yet! And on the baking front, I had a lovely pressie from JJ …. A bread baking book! I wanna make It All!

  7. Michelle says:

    Agh, I’m trying to claw myself out of my sewing slump, hoping to get there soon! I’m glad to see you back again and in fine sewing form. Happy 2014!

  8. SewingElle says:

    I like your top. I’d passed over that pattern in the magazine, but now I can see I need to rethink! The fabric does look like it would feel lovely. Happy New Year!

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