Practicing avoidance

So I’ve been avoiding sewing trousers with this easy little shirt … New Look 6976

P1040592The fabric is a lovely soft crinkly light cotton and I do like it.  Rock on summer I say.

I made a couple of small changes to the pattern – added 1″ to the length at the waist’ish, serger rolled the hem and cuffs and put the ribbon in bias casing right around the neckline and a little before the end of each sleeve.  Girlier than the fold over twice ribbon casing don’t you think?

P1040594Perhaps the ruffle could have been wider ….

Next time I’ll also make the sleeves full length and add at least another 1-2″ to the body length.  This sits on my belt.  Just.


Now about trousers.

The fit wasn’t bad but there was a bit of camel toe at the front and a wee wedgie in the back plus some baggie in the upper thigh.  All things I was (and still am) keen to get rid of.

Then the lovely Tanit-Isis commented that she thought the fit looked pretty good, which made me pause again.  She’s right.  Passable fit.  So why was I fiddling about?  Why am I checking out trouser crotch fit online?

Source :

Source – : Alice + Oliver Fall ’13 RTW

But until then I’ll take a break from looking at crotches.  Mine mostly, though other peoples’ too, it has to be said.  I’ve been checking out wrinkles, kitty whiskers, smiles and such on blogs, etc and in fashion and “women’s” magazines.  The latter, I hasten to add, was in the waiting room at the dentist.

I’m trying to decide how picky to be.  All this while taking a break from trouser making.  Still.

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38 Responses to Practicing avoidance

  1. Tia Dia says:

    What a pretty top. I love everything about it! And re the trousers: make them up and wear them because in the wearing, lessons are learned and tweaking for a comfy good-looking fit is easier. Kinda less like taking a stab in the dark, y’know? As for watching crotches, I’m always amazed at two things: haute couture pants are NEVER skinny-fitted and there’s a lot of fitting problems on 99% of trousers modeled and worn in fashion shoots. Pause for thought, eh?

    • Thanks! I’m tonight going to cut out a long sleeve version in my gorgeous silk.

      The trousers – I couldn’t agree more. The version I wore had a too low crotch which only really bothered me when I had them on for a decent length of time. I also didn’t double stitch the crotch curve, which split on the seat while I was bending down to check out fabric (!) so that’s another lesson lol. I think I’ll read through the relevant bits of my sparkly new fitting books (another one arrived today which I’ll blog about later) and then start from the original pattern again.

      Damned skinnies will be conquered to passably good fit 🙂

  2. Oh my that top is so very pretty! Love it!

  3. Love the top.
    I do feel it’s very easy to be too critical of our sewing/fitting. Can I suggest you bite the bullet, make them up, wear them and see how it goes from there? You might be surprised. 😉

    • Thanks!

      About the trou. you are absolutely right and I did wear one of the earlier muslins for a day, which was a very useful exercise. I will do that again. Thanks Evie.

  4. symondezyn says:

    oooog i luuuuuuurve the top!!! 😀 So pretty and feminine and summery!!! 🙂

  5. That top is adorable! Perfect for summer, which can’t come fast enough! Good luck with sewing trousers – its sounds all too complex for me.

  6. The other day is occurred to me that trousers are just so stupid. This is because I am considering make up my Thurlows after a very depressing lunchtime shopping for new work pants (I already have a pair of jeans that have been languishing in the UFO pile for about 3 years and for no particular reason and I have made trousers before but aaages ago) They can never fit perfectly how you imagine them in your head because if they did you wouldn’t be able to move and there are so many measurements that have to align like the stars, they are such a silly shape…but I am keen to give it a go. I think we have to be careful how fussy we get on fit. There is good fit and bad fit but never perfect fit, no such thing unless you are a mannequin stuck in a store window that never moves 😉

    • 3 years languishing? Yep I can completely relate to that because you’re right. Trousers are stupid. Actually, legs and crotches and butts are all stupid, really 🙂 Damnation. Why do I want more of these tricksy trouser things?

      Good enough is something we read about on blogs all the time for a reason. We are not, as you say, store window mannequins. Fortunately. Anyway, the learning in very much required so I can get better at this pants thing. So, I have ordered a couple of pants fitting books after being unable to get them at the library so when they arrive I’m going to move cautiously into the trouser-pile-corner-of-the-sewing-room and probably begin again.

  7. Diana says:

    Really cute top and about the pant fitting fetish most sewers have.. We are all obsessed with wrinkles and smiles and frowns and probably need to lighten up!Lol

  8. sewbusylizzy says:

    It’s good to take a break and get some perspective. I think we can all be guilty of being overly obsessive about fit. I laughed my head off at “I’ll take a break from looking at crotches” – classic

    • Glad I was able to make you laugh …. I did wonder how many ‘spam’ comments I’d get as I typed that line though 😉 but not a one so far.

      Perspective is an interesting thing aint it? Wish it was something you could get out of a box whenever an extra bit was required, but that would defeat the purpose somewhat probably 😉

  9. CGCouture says:

    Cute blouse! Sometimes it’s best to just walk away for a bit, and when it comes to fitting those tricky bits staring at it too much (or overthinking) just makes things worse. Have you tried this tip to see if it helps the wrinkles? It looks like an easy place to start, but definitely sew something fun and distracting first. Like undies. You can’t go wrong with undies. 😉

    • Thanks! I do like it and fortunately summer comes around relatively regularly so there will be time to wear it.

      Thanks for the link too – I’ve been very behind (sorry, bad pun alert!) in my blog reading and this is a useful reminder. I have a bunch of useful tidbits about pants fitting so will add this to that, if you know what I mean!

      Undies? True and actually I do need some more. But, and its a biggie, that would require fabric shopping and I’m Not Allowed Anymore for a bit lolol.

  10. Lene says:

    Emily I have come to the exact same dilemma regarding trouser fit. I have made numerous Muslins and I no longer know what is a good fit! Are wrinkles below the butt acceptable? If so how many and how deep? Does it relate to the facial wrinkles (hope not) and if present then below but wrinkles are also ok ….. Not an amusing thought 😦

    • Hey Lene – oh man you are in the same place as me! And the thing about skinnies (trousers not folk lol) I’ve had the change my thinking a few times already on the wrinkles/smiles/folds and whether they’re OK. I mean, for looser fitting pants that drape from the hips/butt, wrinkles under the butt are less OK and somehow easier to fix. But in skinnies if you have folds then you’re way too far off the point but you can’t have NO wrinkles under the butt. I don’t think its possible even with a healthy dose of lycra (happy to be disabused here of course).

      The relationship between under butt wrinkles to other shall we say dermatological wrinkles …. lolol …. oh lord, there’s a whole new discussion to be had. Gawd! 😉

      I am waiting for the arrival of a couple of pants fitting books at which point I’ll review everything and, quite probably, start my skinnies again.

  11. Love the top and the post made me giggle 😉

  12. amaryllislog says:

    Love your top, love! I think it’s the perfect length with your jeans.

    Now about trousers…maybe we are just to critical of ourselves? Or we expect more/better because we are making them and can avoid issues, or work around issues? Exhausting isn’t it?!

    • Thanks about the top. I want the sun to be warm NOW so I can wear it :).

      You’re right, it is exhausting. I know I’ll get there and figure it out and I’m my own worst enemy too, making rather too many new ‘issues’ to avoid or work around. Hah!

  13. CherryPix says:

    A very pretty, feminine-but-not-fussy top! And an excellent activity for gaining ‘pants perspective’ 🙂

  14. Jo says:

    Oh wow, what a sweet top! It looks so great! Glad I’m not the only one making unseasonal items… lol! But well done!
    We should totally hang out sometime and poke each other with pins. Learning about fit with someone else’s perspective has got to be a good idea right? 🙂

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