Just No!

BS 10-2012-116 muslin#1

BurdaStyle 10/2012 #116 muslin

Ooo ugly no?  Yeah well I should have known really.  They are just leggings but with a zip and darts.  What?!  These are particularly awful as they are an unaltered size 38 and fit very very badly indeed but even so, nice they are not.

[For the record I like leggings but lycra is needed and darts are not.  Nor zippers.]

I do love Merche’s leatherette version wherein they magically become fabulous skinny trousers without even a whiff of leggings-with-a-zip.  I think they’d work in a decent medium weight stretch denim or twill but as I don’t have any of these in my cupboard I shall have to wait.

Note to self – look at the BurdaStyle.com garment picture more closely next time…

Image from BurdaStyle.com

Still I did learn that Burda used the same (or very similar) block for these as for my previous trousers, so next time I come across BS pants I’ll probably be able to do the same alterations.  Useful to know.

Ed: Um after looking at the photos again I realised that I couldn’t do the same alterations after all.  Not quite.  Oh well.

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24 Responses to Just No!

  1. The leatherette version you linked to are amazing, so maybe worth another crack with some alterations to fit you and a different fabric? Good luck!

  2. symondezyn says:

    I’m not sure I even like leggings personally – they never seem to flatter anyone… even the really twiggy models with pouty faces strutting them on lookbooks LOL. Still, it’s true… I don’t really see the point of a zipper in leggings – isn’t the point of leggings ease of wear? Oh well, i must be old and horribly unfashionable! 😛 ^__^

    • Pouty faces strutting in leggings …. now I wanna try that :), though definintely not publicly! and you’re definitely not old or horribly unfashionable either.

      I like the idea of close fitting / snug trousers though and am going to continue my search for some. In fact I’ve cut out this same pattern in an old bedsheet so will whizz it together to see how much it needs changing to fit properly. Hmmmm. That’s my job for today anyway.

      • symondezyn says:

        Well YOU can pull them off! ^_^ Me… I need a little width at my ankle; just for balance 🙂 Oddly though, I’ve got no argument with close fitting CAPRIS 🙂

      • I can do pouty. Hell yess though strutting and in leggings would make me giggle.

        The thing about capris is they’re not knit and no matter the weight of the knit it is still rather more clingy than woven. Dunno but that’s my thinking anyway.

        Capris in knit would be short leggings. Right?

    • symondezyn says:

      Oh yes, it being a knit changes everything!! I probably wouldn’t wear them in a knit…. I’d wear close fitting woven capris though 🙂 Short leggings indeed…. under a skirt maybe, like Madonna in the 80’s…. otherwise (or perhaps even so) it’s questionable…. LOL

      Yeah you ROCK that pout!! Own it, girl!! LOL

  3. dressesandme says:

    A zipper in a pair of leggings!? That seems like a lot of fussing to me. But then against I’ve never made any trousers so what would I know! I thinking these in a leather (or even a leather strip down the side) would look great!

    • Oh that’s an interesting idea. A leather strip … hmmmm. I’ve actually got the calico out to muslin them without stretch – see how much (if at all) I need to alter them for woven fabric. I need a pair of skinny non-jeans for work …

  4. amaryllislog says:

    Funny, I went shopping yesterday and had the same experience. It left me speechless, and down but I didn’t spend any money so there’s a bright spot for me too.

    And so we try again, something new and different.
    Oh and that’s probably why I love tunics!

  5. Gjeometry says:

    Hmm, yes, leggings are REALLY hard to fit. I’m actually not a fan of them, would rather just wear trousers or jeans. Leggings leave nothing to the, uh, imagination.

  6. CGCouture says:

    That is very useful to know about the Burda block–that means I should fit pretty nicely into any of their pants/shorts that catch my fancy. 🙂

    Bummer about your muslin, maybe try swinging it out to the next size below the hips? Because I think with just a smidge of extra ease you’ll find what you’re looking for.

    • Wouldn’t that be great? I have to say I’ve no idea whether this was a lucky coincidence or BurdaStyle do use the same block for all trousers. At any rate I’m going to make my list of alterations on the next BS pants and see what happens.

      I’m not going to make these again because I have a leggings pattern without closures, facings etc that are a quicker make! I will though probably make them up in a stretch lycra’y woven. When I have some fabric :o)

  7. So will you reattempt with your proper fittings? 🙂

    • I won’t because they’re just leggings really and I can make some proper leggings really quickly without zips or darts or a waist facing that fit better! LOL. I am seriously thinking about making some up in a stretch woven like Merche’s though. Not leatherette but something workish. I really like the idea of high waisted skinnies. Hmmm

  8. sewbusylizzy says:

    It’s so disappointing when they don’t turn out the way you hope!
    I’m thinking about the slim trousers in the March issue (fly front) or there is a pair of Cigarette pants in the April issue, haven’t checked those out…

    • Yep I always feel a bit annoyed that I didn’t know the wadder was a-coming but at least I didn’t make them up in the ponte! That would’ve really bummed me out. They weren’t hard to put together (other than the zip) either.

      I’ll have to have another look at the March issue cos I’m wanting some higher waisted skinnies that I can make up in workish fabric. That’s why I’m kinda considering making these up in a stretch woven – doesn’t need to be two way stretch after all just lycra’d so they don’t lose all shape.

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