So very slow

I am so very remiss.  I haven’t got around to it and I have no excuse.  Well, I do have plenty of excuses but absolutely no Reasons.

In December and January I was passed two bloggy awards by some wonderful folk and I am very embarrassed it has taken me this long to post about it.  So, I shall swiftly get to the point.

LenaJane and Marianna have passed me the One Lovely Blog / Very Inspiring Blog award.  All three bloggers write of their exploits and I can’t help but read, particularly when there is sewing and such to see and discuss and things for me to learn.lovelyblogawardThank you for thinking of me.  You are very kind.

I have also been sent a Beautiful Blogger award by Cathe.  Thank you my dear.  Cathe too lives far far away and fascinates me with beautiful images and tales from her world, of her sewing, crafting and puppies.

beautiful_bloggerawardpurple_revFor both awards I’m supposed to tell you a few things about myself.

  • I studied performance music and commerce at university but don’t really play with either of them anymore.
  • I am the middle kid of three with 25 nieces/nephews and 11 great nieces/nephews, at last count.
  • I like most foods but cannot get blue cheese or coriander (cilantro) past my nose.
  • If a sharp knife happens to be lying pointy end towards me I HAVE to turn it away.
  • I make my own bread by hand every other day.
  • I have a love-hate relationship with the snails and slugs that patrol my vegetable garden.  The destructive slimy little buggers are kind of fascinating.
  • When he was a boy, my grandfather saw a fairy at the bottom of his garden.  I treasure my memory of his smile and face shining as he told me about it.
  • I am a list writer but not always a list follower.

Now according to the rules I should nominate new recipients for each award.  I found this part hard and limiting the list took some time!  Plus many have already received these awards so I didn’t want to double up.

Some of these blogs are new to me.  Not all are sewing related.  Please do visit them whether you are already acquainted or not.

For the One Lovely Blog / Beautiful Blog Award:






Sophie O


For the Beautiful Blogger Award:




My Daruma


Anne W


P.S. I was also supposed to include the rules for each award.  But this post is long enough and various search engines are available for that sort of thing.

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24 Responses to So very slow

  1. kaitui_kiwi says:

    Thank you sweetie, a nice surprise to come back to (much better than disappearing blog photos!!) Hehe xx

  2. Congrats, my dear! And thank you for the shout it 🙂

  3. Michelle says:

    Thank you for sharing links to so many interesting blogs. And for sharing a bit about yourself – I now have a wonderful imagined scent of homebaked bread!
    Thank you also for thinking of me. Though it also made me a little nervous (I really must stop being quite so shy!). I’ll search the internet for what it means and what I have to do – and hope to spread the happiness to some other blogs soon.

    • And the latest batch is out of the oven temptingly cooling on the bench 🙂

      Oh and its a pleasure about the award …. If its any help I had to try really really hard to find anything to say about myself. I am rather shy.

  4. CherryPix says:

    Really enjoyed reading more about you Calico! And am very chuffed to be nominated! Thank you!

  5. Andrea says:

    Congratulations and thank you for the nomination! I will do my best to address it soon! (I’ve been known to be a procrastinator..)
    I read you bake your own bread. I have been baking mine off and on for a few years, but I take long breaks from it – I get a little bit carried away with anything carbohydrate. I’d love to compare recipes sometime!

    • I love making bread and mine is a very very easy recipe. We don’t buy loaves of bread anymore unless I’m sick or something and I am glad to be avoiding all those E numbers. I read the back of a store bought normal loaf and almost fell over when I saw just how many additives there are. My stuff has only flour yeast, water, salt and whatever seeds I feel like chucking in. Perfect. I shall email you the recipe.

  6. Javie says:

    Congratulations on the blog awards! Thanks also for nominating me too! And don’t feel bad about being behind. I have blog drafts of things from 3 months ago that still need to be finished- makes me feel guilty too. 😉 I agree with you on the knife thing- I also turn the knife blade away from other people handling knives (much to their amusement). My husband once sliced a whole roast turkey with the knife blade pointing up toward his face- and I panicked and grabbed both his hands <:O No more cutting for him these days.

    • Thanks Javie and you’re welcome in return! 3 months makes me feel better …. I could have sat on this one for longer they hey?

      A whole turkey? Phew. I’m very glad he didn’t need to push down on the knife with his other hand too, as I almost did once. Makes me shiver thinking about it.

  7. symondezyn says:

    Congrats on the awards! Very well deserved 🙂 And thank you for the mention 🙂

    Ahh home made bread… I miss that – I love making my own bread too but I’m off starches for awhile… but it will be so heavenly to make (and eat!) it again when I can ^__^

  8. amaryllislog says:

    Oh my, you are my hero – you can, and do bake bread and on a regular rotation! That is my ultimate goal in life which I have yet to accomplish successfully. Please teach me!

    I love your special memory of your grandfather. I hold a special place in my heart for mine too.

    Thanks for sharing, so fun!

    • Bread is one of those wonderful things that, when you find the right recipe, is something that can continue with you for years. I definintely will tell you my recipe because it is a very lazy no-knead one. I shall email you soon.

  9. oanh says:

    Oh, this is really lovely. Thank you. *Blush*

    I may take just as long as you to do something about it though. It’s been a long week at work… & not looking to calm down any time soon… Sigh.

    I have a lot of nieces & nephews too!

  10. Anne W says:

    Congratulations, and thank you! 😀 Wow, you have a pretty big family, Xmas & other family gatherings must be pretty hectic! I am the oldest of 3, but have only 1 neice & 1 nephew & 3 cousins..

    • Hey Anne – I have married into most of those lovely nieces and nephews and my girls are very confused about what a 2nd cousin is! I have many many cousins on my side of the family. Aren’t family sizes and make up interesting?

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