Summer sewing

Wow but we are having an amazingly long hot summer this year and I’m enjoying it enormously.  The heat is getting in the way of sewing time rather, and I have been avoiding the sewing room in the evening as it is the hottest room in the house at that time of the day.

Sweet sweaty torture, you could say.

Even so I managed to make another wrap top muslin this time leaving off the ties, collar and facings.  I tried an SBA (my first) removing 1-1.5″ there and dropped the waist a couple of inches as well.  It turned out like this….

BS 00014 muslin#2

Ignoring uneven back darts there is a lot of volume everywhere and the shoulders are wider than I am so I think I need to go down at least one size but grade the waist and hips up to a 40.

I’ll probably need to lengthen the front vertical darts and move the bust dart point up as its pointing nowhere near the right place.  I might need to bring it in more across my chest too as I can pinch an inch out each side easily without it getting too tight.

Lower down it’s too tight below the waist and this is making everything ride up a little I’m sure.  So, once I have done the above changes I’ll need to tissue fit it to see if I need to do any swayback alterations and whether more SBA work is required.

That should keep me warm, entertained and busy.

Please do sing out if I’m missing anything :).

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6 Responses to Summer sewing

  1. Kat says:

    I like the style – very elegant.

    I have exactly zero knowledge of how to make it fit better (especially because I’m extraordinarily bust-challenged in the other direction. But I want to be more of a ‘fit nerd’, so I’d love to see how you make the adjustments!

  2. amaryllislog says:

    Wow you’re almost there. This shirt is looking very professional constructed! So impressive!

    I had to laugh, I tend to avoid my sewing room in the winter because it becomes too cold. I have to drag in a portable heater and practically sit on it to stay warm, ha!

    We must come from the same tribe, long thin arms!

  3. It’s 4 degrees here….I never thought I’d be pleased about that. I don’t do heat. But this top is certainly coming along…it’s looking really cute!

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