Pins pins pins pins


I’ve just spent a thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours pinning collar and facing pieces to the body of my blouse as I try to figure out the BurdaStyle construction instructions.

Sounds dull to you probably but I really liked doing it, muttering happily to myself as I tried different interpretations.  Its not a difficult pattern, with no closures or ‘proper’ shirt collar but I needed something to get my head around how to fit everything together.

How do you figure out construction conundrums?

On another note I have managed to get completely up the Do-What setting up Google Reader and transferring my blog subscriptions across from WordPress, bookmarks and email.  Consequently I have feeds coming out my ears and a headache.

Change is good, right?

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18 Responses to Pins pins pins pins

  1. Michelle says:

    Oh dear, I sometimes think Burda magazines should just omit the instructions then my confusion would feel more justified! When I’m stuck I mutter a lot, stomp a bit, pull out all my reference books, search the internet and pin and re-pin repeatedly. Sometimes muttering helps, but usually it’s the pinning!

  2. Javie says:

    I can relate because I mucked up a few Burda patterns.I now have a collection of reference books that show order of garment construction. What part are you stuggling with, maybe I can look up in my reference book?

    • Hey Javie – I’ve done exactly the same thing and ended up following (some of) Burda’s order! I love my reference books and am learning to pull them out before I start doing these patterns. Thank you for the offer though 🙂

  3. Heh, I do that too when I can’t figure out hoe the bits go together. I think half the problem with Burda is that they aren’t translated to English by people who sew.

  4. Kat H says:

    Ah, BurdaStyle instructions. Always good for exercising the brain!

  5. sewbusylizzy says:

    I quite enjoyed my Burda pattern experience. I think if you go slow & ponder it, it all comes together in the end

  6. amaryllislog says:

    Ha! I’d like to say yes change is good but changing configurations, settings and readers make me a little crazy (plus feel really stupid) so you truly have my sympathies!

    Glad you are having fun…are you really having fun?

    • Yes I am! Doing the pinning bit I mean. I enjoy puttering about in the sewing room pinning stuff and trying to wrap my head around it all. If it was really complicated then I’d be going crazy but its not hard really. There are only four pattern pieces to manipulate (sleeves not in yet) …..

      I could be enjoying this more than normal because I haven’t been in the sewing room much this week. We’ve had house guests and folk visiting from abroad so its been a little mad.

      PS settings and readers are making me feel very very stupid.

  7. CherryPix says:

    I dare not do the same…I opened a BlogLovin acct and nearly died from sewing blog overload…to date I’ve only used Pulse (which has room for only 60 blogs) and WordPress Reader…I love that so many people are posting about their sewing adventures these days – I just need to focus more on having a few adventures of my own!!

    • Man I’m probably going to have to do something similar …. copying/re-subscribing to so many blogs is cool but takes aeons …. I can forsee ruthlessness non-resubscription happening!!!

  8. cjgal says:

    Oh Burda… I always avoid these patterns because I fear that they will outsmart me! Must be more intelligent than the pieces of paper… durrrr!

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