All in a dither

I really am.  You see come August JJ and I are swapping roles which means I have to go back to corporate life.  Holy shit.

I need a moment.

Right that’s better.  Do you know it has been almost seven years since I left paid employment to do the family thang and other than remembering how to talk corporate I’m most worried about my wardrobe.

You read that right.

Honestly I feel fine about the rest of it.  It will come back, a bit like riding a bicycle I suppose, but the wardrobe will need some serious work.  Oh I have a few bits and pieces but nothing coherent and certainly not enough for a five-day-a-weeker.

Now to recitfy that entirely with RTW would be damned expensive so rather than spending up large I need to up the ante considerably and get sewing.  Obviously I’m not going to make everything but I do need a plan.

[insert shudder here]

I really really don’t like plans in the sewing room (or icecream) but I don’t see much of an alternative.  So, getting into the spirit of it I have pulled out all my envelope patterns and am doing the same with the magazines, resulting in a pile of potential options.


The pile begins ….

A great many of these patterns are above or well above my skill and experience level.  What the hell though, you only live once I say and the key words are “potential options”.

Fortunately I have a couple of jackets (both lovely) and some good dress trousers and skirts.  I’ve also two winter coats and plenty of shoes.  I need pretty much everything else.  Dresses, tops, more skirts and trou.

Suffice it to say that the halter dress is on hold for now while I panic.

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28 Responses to All in a dither

  1. Wow that is a big scary change! All the best off luck to you. I understand the work wear dilemma, after 10 years I still feel like I haven’t really got a suitable wardrobe. My plan is to run up a string of pencil skirts and pair with cheap RTW tops, then replace the tops with made ones over time. Good luck!

    • Thanks Joy and that’s a very good idea. I was thinking of doing something like that but then found a few little tops I could slot in the plan if I work like a fiend. Gotta live the positive right?

  2. Tia Dia says:

    Wowsers! That is a big change, for sure and I can totally understand that wardrobe would take precedence over anything else that you’ll soon pick up again. I see Vogue 8379 and a Rucci dress in that pile. I’m cheering you on!

  3. kaitui_kiwi says:

    Skill level, schmrill level, I say give it a go! I know this amazing group of ladies who’d be happy to help out and give advice, I should introduce them to you sometime 😉 haha..seriously, that wrap dress looks like a fab start, will be quick and easy fit, do it! 🙂

  4. symondezyn says:

    Oh I can understand!!! My old office was professional but casual, and now attending meetings and interviews I’ve noticed a sad lack of business attire in my already meager closet. Definitely make a handful of basics; a pair of pants, two skirts, a dress, and then tons of tops… mixing & matching is your friend! ^_^

    I’m designing my wardrobe in ‘capsules’ – one neutral; two complimentary colours and 5-6 items – that way they all go together without effort ^_^ (besides the effort to make them, that is! lol)

    • Meager? I know the feeling. Currently I have maybe one top I could wear. Just one. And I do like the idea of a capsule partly otherwise I can definitely for foresee rather a lot of fiddling about with what to wear in the morning

  5. Andrea says:

    A big change ahead for you – perhaps a bit exciting and a bit not so exciting? On the wardrobe front, if you already have jackets and trousers, I would focus on skirts, blouses and dresses. A few that have worked for me in a corporate setting are the Pendrell and Jasmine blouses. Have fun making and planning!

  6. Javie says:

    Good luck with the new job! It may be an opportunity to make new things that you can wear out. I love making things like pencil skirts and jackets but currently live in yoga pants and tees. Start small with some basics like a skirt and top.

    • Hey Javie and thanks. I haven’t even started to think about my CV but I’ve already devoted hours to the wardrobe – isn’t that funny! I too live in slouchy things, jeans/shorts and Tees and have pencil skirts and swishy skirts on my list. Its going to be fun to break out the heels again after so long in trainers and flats. Oh my feet are not going to know what hit them LOL.

  7. CGCouture says:

    Wow! That sounds terrifying and exciting. But I know that you’ll be great! 🙂

    Do you have a TNT sheath dress, or can you find one to make into a TNT? And fabric that coordinates nicely with your jackets? That’s probably where I’d start, you can do two or three of those very quickly and then do something fun before buckling down and doing more work wardrobe.

    • Thanks CG it is a bit of both and some stuff in between too. But that’s OK because change is good.

      I would love to have a TNT sheath dress pattern and in fact great minds think alike as I have already pulled out several sheath patterns to compare. I was planning to pick one to make up so fingers crossed it goes well please. And you’re right about making it up in a good fabric or two to coordinate with the jackets …. I do love sheath dresses and they work well on me too. Thanks.

      • CGCouture says:

        🙂 I just gave a cursory glance at PR, but it looks like McCall’s 2401 might be a winner. It has several neckline and sleeve variations, but that’s probably only useful if you have easy access to McCall’s patterns….

      • Yes I’ve been meaning to check out PR – thanks! Yay about 2401 …. I’ll go check it out and need an excuse to go the store for more patterns …. LOL.

  8. amaryllislog says:

    Ooooh, are you excited or on the fence?

    One thing I have noticed about my closet, no matter how much I have or don’t have, I don’t utilize it all. I have my favorites and my rotation which excludes about half of the stuff in “there”. I conclude you really don’t need a lot for the work world just things that go together and you feel good in. I strive to elimate the excess so the morning closet fight goes away. You would think I’d have this figured out after working 40+ hours a week for the last twenty something years! We all need a goal, ha!

    You’ll get it worked out for sure!

    • From the work perspective I am rather ambivalent about it for now though that will change as time scampers on. I’m more aware that I will no longer be the first person to whom the girls will run, and no more school helping either both of which I’ll miss enormously. Oh well, that’s life I guess.

      You’re right about the work wardrobe too. I had a few things that I wore all the time and a few that I wore sometimes. It was all about the separates as I didn’t have to wear a suit. I’m loving looking at all the blouses, skirts and trousers this morning …. what fun! Oh this is some goal right?

  9. Kat H says:

    Calm down, breathe – you’ve got half a year, you’ll be fine!! *hugs*

    That’s a pretty big deal though, switching from family to full-time work. Wowzers!

    • Breathe breathe. Right. Thanks Kat. Actually its more that I want to sew LOTS of things rather than buy them but I need to control that urge and be realistic. At least the kids’ll be at school soon which gives me hours every day to get going. Who needs to clean/eat/sleep/socialise/…! LOL

      • Kat H says:

        Sleeping is over rated. 😉

        (Also, a couple of things to think about (although you’ve probably thought about them already!) : you don’t need to have it all done before you start back at work, you can keep adding to your work wardrobe. And also, a wardrobe of tops and skirts can be a lot faster to make and give plenty of work-suitable combinations – lots more mileage with less garments to be made overall to start with.)

        Corporate wardrobes – such tricky things, I still struggle with what to wear for an office job even though I’ve been in one for over ten years now. *sigh*

      • Good point – I will have sewing time when I start back at work. Just less of it. And you’re right about the tops and ‘bottoms’ thing. I have very few skirts so they’re right up there on my list :o). I am just thankful that I won’t have to be in suits. Lord.

  10. Anne W says:

    Oh boy!! All the best for settling back into 9-5. This is a good moment to grab those trien ‘n’ tested and make a couple of each in different fabrics. A co-ordinated wardrobe of a few good pieces to start with. Good luck!! At least you get to sew like crazy until August! 😀

    • Thanks Anne …. I wish I had a few more tried n tested patterns but the ones I have are on the top of the pile already! I did say to my husband that I am going to be sewing up a storm and he thought it was ironic that going back to work would be the kick in the pants for me. He’s right.

      • Anne W says:

        Always the way! A pattern I used for daughter no1’s 6th form wardrobe was new look 6013. The dress and jackets/waistcoat worked well, not too much fitting needed. I didn’t use the trousers. It may be a pattern you could use.

      • I’ve just had a look and I really like the raglan sleeve on the dress. Thanks Anne its on the list.

  11. Wow, what a big change! I can understand how the complete wardrobe overhaul could be daunting, but you have lots of time! Think separates – easier to make, more options and never boring

    • You’re right I do have lots of time and most of that will be when the kids are at school so things can be sewn up faster (I just need to focus!). Separates are the thing – I couldn’t agree more – and when I was at work I had my trousers-skirt-blouse-top combos that I wore very often. Thanks Lena.

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