Home again home again jiggedy jig

Five days away full of sand, salt water and sunshine and it is good to be home again.

I have already started pulling fabric out of boxes planning my next stitching enterprise and here’s the short list.  The brown and greeny are cotton voile and the other two are both cotton lawn, but first I’ll need to check sizing, trace and alter the pattern.


There’s time to make the right choice because, of course, I’ll have to muslin it first as well.

Oh and I did add a half lining to the trousers after the butt bagged so badly.  They are now finished (again), though I don’t quite know whether I’ll keep them.

I flung them in the wash after they bagged then followed Anne W’s advice and whipped up a pair of cotton ‘shorts’ using the pattern pieces.  These I hand sewed into the inside of the trousers at the waistband just before we went away.

P1040243 Its a great little trick to have up your sleeve – thank you Anne.

I didn’t have terribly high hopes of stopping the bagging completely and they have begun to bag again after half a day’s wear.  I’ve got them on again this afternoon and it’ll be interesting to see whether the fabric gives as much as it did when the trousers were unlined.  I’ll let you know if you’re interested.

Regardless of the antics of the linen, I will definitely be making this pattern again with a few relatively minor modifications:

  1. won’t use linen or equivalent
  2. add a fly shield to the zipper
  3. draft a contoured waistband
  4. drop the side seams by 1/2″ at the top
  5. add loops and a button (per pattern) on each back double welt to help prevent gaping
  6. add front pockets (per pattern)
  7. for all pockets use lighter weight pocket fabric
  8. probably underline half way or do a half lining, fabric depending
  9. wider waistband stiffened with Petersham for the full width
  10. add the belt loops (per pattern)
  11. consider adding turn ups detail per Pella’s tutorial.

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14 Responses to Home again home again jiggedy jig

  1. sigrid says:

    I have linen pants I love, but they are a rather slouchy design that looks okay with a bit of bagginess. The difficulties of matching the right fabric to bottoms is so perplexing! The dress is going to be fabulous!

  2. Very neat, and I’m so impressed…I’ve tried sewing clothing so many times and have always come out with “less than wearable” items that no cool trick can fix (though my daughter’s dolls have acquired some very “interesting” garments out of my efforts!)

  3. liza jane says:

    That is a fantastic idea. I have a pair of pink linen trousers I love but they do the same thing. Not very flattering by the end of the day. I’m going to have to try that out.

  4. Pella says:

    Hmm linen trousers – only good for wearing with a tunic IMO. I must say the inside is looking good though.

    • I do think of your comment about wearing long tops when I wear them and I need to get me some more. Interestingly there is less expansion with the lining in so I wonder if I could make a snugger fit … I do love linen trousers though you see.

  5. kaitui_kiwi says:

    Ahh that dress, nice fabric options. Looking forward to finally meeting you on the 20th 🙂

  6. sophie o. says:

    I love your fabrics, you’re going to have a great time sewing with them! I’m amazed that you’re still trying to conquer these trousers, so much work ahead!

  7. Oh you’re so flipping organised! And I’m envious of sand, sea and sunshine….it’s so grey here!

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