To line or underline? Oh and some happy finds

Thank you for all your comments on my last post.  Suffice it to say that washing the pants removed all evidence of the bagginess so I will be ironing then lining them to see if that reduces future expansions.

Anne W’s idea to make a pair of cotton “shorts” and attach them to the waistband will be worth a crack I think and a quick bit of stash digging has unearthed some relatively lightweight cotton which I’ve slung in the wash.

On another note, before Christmas while the kids were still in school I popped into a couple of thrift shops and here’s a wee sample of my findings…P1040147Yes that is 100% wool for $5.  And the broderie, at $10 for 4 metres was still cheap.  Of course there were patterns too …


I love the Vogue blouse and skirt patterns and I could even make that Simplicity sun dress this summer if I get cracking soon.  The McCalls dress is interesting and I do like the seam details of the jacket.  Who knows about the kids ones …. I do know a couple of small folk!

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10 Responses to To line or underline? Oh and some happy finds

  1. symondezyn says:

    So glad to hear the wash helped your trousers! 🙂 I’m very curious to see how you go with the inner-shorts too ^__^

    Great finds – lucky you! 🙂

  2. kaitui_kiwi says:

    Love me some broderie anglaise! I really like that bottom left Simplicity sun dress pattern, I’ve made a similar dress, I just realised it would have been perfect for Christmas day!

    • Oh well, if only I had remembered about it before then. Sigh. Still they do say Jan-Feb here is the most settled weather right? So I think i might give it a whirl when I’ve finished stitching the lining into my trou.

  3. kattheengineer says:

    Wow, those are some good finds! Auckland op-shops seem to be lacking in useful sewing things. Either that, or I’m late to the party and somebody more clever than I has already bought them (quite plausible)!

  4. Oh you lucky thing – I did once come across a brand new (ie not used but vintage) Liberty print but only the once!

  5. Kat H says:

    Wow, nice finds! (Especially that wool!) I have that reversible jacket pattern – I was thinking about making it up for winter. Wanna do a jacket sew-along with me?

    • Hey kat – I would love to do a sew along but I’m kinda scared of jackets yet – I have enough struggle with trousers and I really need some summer stuff first. Can we delay a little? Can you wait?

      Oh and have you fabric?

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