Rookie’s Saggy Linen Butt

I have worn my new trousers all day today and they are super comfy and cool.  I do rather wish I had lined them though …

From nice snugness to saggy baggy in one wear

Hindsight (guffaw snort) is a wonderful thing and from now on all linen garments will be appropriately lined/underlined.  Should I have known better?  Yep probably.

Now there is a bunch of information out there about pre-washing linen and tips on how to sew it but not so much actually specifically reminding folks to beware its tendency to bag.  I know you experienced sewers are all smiling and shaking your heads with pity, but for those of you who are surprised please read Carolyn’s excellent post on the subject. Immediately.  Now.  Off you go.

What am I to do with these trousers?  Retrieve the closures – I love YKK zips and am not wasting a single one – then they will be tossed into the re-purposing pile.

Lesson learned.  The end.

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26 Responses to Rookie’s Saggy Linen Butt

  1. symondezyn says:

    I did NOT know this about linen – thanks for the tip! Could it be like cotton though; perhaps it’ll regain its shape after a wash?

    • It absolutely does go back into shape after a wash. I threw these baggy jobbies straight into the wash and they were snug as new once dry again. I fully expect the bag to return though so am almost done putting a lining in. We’ll see what that does eh?

  2. soisewedthis says:

    Oh no! I also have some linen pants that never get worn because they only look good for the first hour and then it’s a major sag-fest. 😦

  3. They look great. Happy New Year!

  4. sophie o. says:

    argh that’s so annoying! I love sewing (and wearing) linen but always encounter the same problem with trousers and sometimes with skirts too. I have a stupid newish sewist question: does the lining really make a difference in the “sagginess”? What kind of lining do you insert for the summer? Because, seriously lining fabric is often made of polyester, a fabric I don’t enjoy wearing next to my skin in the summer… I’m going to read Carolyn’s advice:

    • Hi Sophie – Thanks for commiserating! BTW there’s no such thing as a stupid newish sewist question because I’m a newbie too and I have absolutely no idea whether a lining with make a difference. Cherry Pix suggested underlining with silk organza or cotton batiste and Andrea suggested rayon bemberg or equivalent, so I’ll definitely try underlining next time I make pants in linen. Anne W’s suggestion of a cotton ‘shorts’ lining is the one I’m going to try with these pants tonight and fingers crossed it makes it a little better. I’ll definintely post about it when its been done and worn. Wish me luck please!

  5. amaryllislog says:

    But they are still very nice! And honestly they are your comfy version, I think that’s perfectly fine! Don’t give up, learn and move on, right?! Shoot, go out and blow bubbles!

    • They certainly are comfy and I have learned a helluva lot making them, undoing the muck up and then making them again. And I washed them last night so hey presto they are back to snug butt again therefore they will be firmly ironed and lined. T’will be interesting to see how that works.

      My next pair are in the thought works with fabric chosen (I think) but I may have a voile skirt or two in my future first. And bubbles. There are always bubbles – a firm favourite in our house whether it is the champers for me & JJ or blowing bubbles for the small fry.

  6. Pella says:

    The pattern does fit so well. I have some pure linen pants made last summer – which are for use with long tops only. I prefer not to add a layer.

  7. Argh! But make the pattern again, it fits so well.

  8. Anne W says:

    I usually line my linen trousers with cotton “shorts” I’m not fussed about baggy knees, but a saggy butt isn’t cool! You can run up a pair of cotton “shorts” using the trouser pattern pieces, and attach to the waistband. I wouldn’t use silk organza in these. Apart from the bum area though, they look great!

    • I quite like baggy knees in linen pants too and actually with the kids I tend to be doing puzzles etc on the floor with them so get baggy knees on mostly everything no matter what! Good idea to do the shorts – I have tons of light cotton I can use on the next one.

  9. Andrea says:

    Bummer! The pants looked so perfect. I’ve had RTW linen pants do the same thing. Carolyn’s post was a good reminder. I wonder if you could underline with rayon lining, such as bemberg? I have used it to underline other fabrics with excellent results.

    • Bummer indeed – that’s exactly what JJ said when I showed him. And as he took the picture. LOL damnit. Rayon would be good too but I don’t have any – I’ll keep an eye out for it when next in a fabric shop. Thanks Andrea.

  10. CherryPix says:

    What a bummer! [snort in reply]….definitely try again, now that you’ve perfected the pattern…and underline with silk organza!

  11. Judith says:

    What a pity, because when they were ‘snug’ they were brilliant – but linen is linen! Would a longer top help???…J

    • Hi Judith …. a longer top would certainly hide things but I’d know, ya know? I don’t mind actually because I’ve learned so much just getting it to the wearable stage. And I will never ever forget this last lesson will I?

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