Finished Object BS 04-2011-104

BurdaStyle 04-2011-104 are finished and they’re not too bad really given the last few speed bumps encountered en route.

P1040122_2 P1040126

I’m pretty happy with the fit at the back.  Even creased from an afternoons wear they hang nicely enough I think.  Note – I am reaching up a bit here but all the other pics I took of my rear end were, well, awful.  I’m such a goof in front of the camera.  Lord.  Well you get the idea.

At the front I could take out a smidge more fabric across the upper thighs and the hem is sitting on my foot, but that’s OK.  Very wearable they are.

I’m not showing the waistband because its a bit of a mess.  The pattern called for a straight band and I did a two piece jobbie so it was never going to fit properly for below the waist pants.  That’s OK as it isn’t gaping too much and next time I’m keen to draft a shaped one.  I’ve found a couple of tutorials and discussions to try…

Speaking of waistbands, I find it tricky finding just the right position for the hook bars.  The hooks are pretty much at the edge of the overlap and I’ve already moved the bars twice.  Argh.  Do you have a good method?

I guess it could be something to do with the poor fit a straight below the waist band gives  so I’m having to fiddle about with the other elements to work around it.  Dunno but I’ll be moving one of the bars again while watching telly tonight.

Other than that I’m rather pleased with myself.  I’ve fixed a muck up so that it is at least wearable and I have learned a bunch about fitting and constructing pants.  Yay.

Now, what’s happening with the self drafted pair?  They’re on hold for now as I’m starting to think I need more skirts…..


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22 Responses to Finished Object BS 04-2011-104

  1. Awh I LOVE these… I wish I could ask you to make me a pair…. May I?

    • I love them too and am going to make some up in something other than linen at some point. Sure I’ll make you a pair if I can come visit for the fittings and fabric shopping and chatting and cooking and eating and and and and 🙂 – that’d be brilliant hey?

  2. symondezyn says:

    These look AMAZING!!! Well, well done!! I’m very impressed – you have conquered The Pants!! ^_^

  3. Jo says:

    Oh wow, you should be very proud. Awesome indeed! 😀

  4. amaryllislog says:

    Okay I’m back tracking on missed posts. The trousers look great, such a flattering fit!

  5. CherryPix says:

    These are gorgeous…all the trials and tribulations paid off!

  6. sew2pro says:

    These look pretty perfect to me!

  7. sewbusylizzy says:

    I got some fabric yesterday to make a new pair of trousers. I’m going to make Winnie wide legged ones. I’m not sure about belt loops either!

  8. Looking really good! It’s annoying to have to move the bar but I usually find that’s worth it in the end.

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