Aaaargh! Freakin’ Trousers

They are too big.  Too.  Bloody.  Big.

Frankly they almost fall down when I don’t hold onto them but I did take a picture of the inside before I tried them on because I liked the colours …

How did this happen?  I present you with the list of my ineptitude…

  1. I wasn’t at all accurate with my cutting out for the trial garments or this one.  I used the same pattern but …..
  2. I can’t measure, obviously.  I mean the waistband is too short and over eased, and the trou too large!
  3. I didn’t use bias pieces for the inside waistband finish.  Rather, in my wisdom I cut the strips on grain.
  4. Both double welt pockets gape and one corner is a-fraying.  My practice pockets were much better.
  5. There is waistband gape-age at centre back.  I should have altered the CB starting from the beginning of the crotch curve all the way to the top of the waistband rather than just from near the top of the CB seam.
  6. The pocket lining fabric is too heavy and the pocket bags are too wide so they drag on the back of the trousers and pocket openings.

I was so mad I wanted to cry.

There are two things I am happy with – the crotch curve and fly front zipper are both good so its not all hopelessness and gloom.  Anyway, tonight I’m  going to rip off the waistband and start fiddling about with side and CB seams to see if I can take them in sufficiently to be wearable.  If that works out I’m going to put a wider waistband on.  Why?  Because I clearly need the practice if nothing else.

Mutter mutter mutter ….

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22 Responses to Aaaargh! Freakin’ Trousers

  1. symondezyn says:

    Despite your fitting woes, the execution of these looks amazing!! You should be super proud of that much at least – they look excellent 🙂 Fitting is a frustrating journey, isn’t it?

    • Thanks Symon I am pretty darn pleased with myself on the finishing of the waistband – gotta love Threads and David Page Coffin for that. And the fitting pissed me off not so much because they were too big, though that was part of it, but rather because I am so obviously badly wonky with cutting out and measuring. That has to be the reason for the big variation in sizing between the muslins and final garment. All that being said I have to say it could have been a lot worse – they could have been too small, then I wouldn’t have been able to save them!!

  2. Tia Dia says:

    Completely empathizing with you at the moment. And going to read the next post to see what you did to make them perfect!

  3. Javie says:

    Your construction is beautiful. I can understand why you are so mad- fitting trousers are a pain. Hopefully you can succesfully salvage by removing the waistband and taking it in bit (I’ve been there!)

  4. Finish ’em off as is and donate to the op-shop. Then start on another version XD

  5. SewingElle says:

    Oh dear. If its any consolation: most of the sewing blogging world has been there too. Love your determination!

    • Thank you! It actually is more than just a little relief knowing that everyone who crafts or sews has been in this position with a project at one time or another (more than once too probably!). Anyway, I’m over my tanty now :o)

      I love your fabric haul BTW.

  6. Anne W says:

    Oh no! It definitely sounds like you need to take them apart a bit… For the corners of the pockets – did you use a fusible interfacing to support the fabric before cutting? That will help to prevent fraying. I have made many alterations to my fave trouser patterns over the years, so now they fit properly and I can just whip a pair up, but it does take time, and patience! Hang in there!! 😀

    • Hi Anne – I did use fusi for the fabric before cutting but I think I just got too close to the vertical side line of the welts rather than in to the corner, if that makes sense. And thank you for your lovely support on this – I am over my tantrum now and want to get on with seeing what I can do to fix then alter the pattern so next time is a little better.

  7. Jo says:

    Arrrghhh I feel your pain!!! Sometimes sewing drives me crazy which is why I’m a bit lacking in mojo for it at the moment. I feel like so many things can go wrong it’ll be a miracle to get a nice garment out of it sometimes!
    I can’t believe after 3 calicos…. I would have thrown a tantrum too.
    You poor thing. But I believe you will get there in the end!

    • Thanks Jo …. funny how an inanimate object can cause such annoyance. It hasn’t killed my sewing mojo though because now I want to know what went wrong. If I know the why of it I’ll be able to avoid it next time, you know? Did you hear / feel my screaming and raging from your place??!? Hope not :O

  8. amaryllislog says:

    Oh nooooo! I feel your pain all the way to Minnesota! I think I too will cry in frustration for you, a nice sympathetic ball! Maybe even a two year old tantrum! Seriously, I am so sorry and I feel your pain, as I believe I have visited this point a few time as well.

    There’s this whole corporate thing going on here in the US about failing harder because great things come out of it…not that you failed by any measure but as you plan your next attack on those damn trousers just know that you will conquer them and win in the end with both lots of good knowledge (that you share with your blog friends) and a beautiful pair of trousers.

    The pictures of your trousers and binding tape are lovely, really!

    • Oh thank GOD it isn’t just me. I tell you, the two year old tantrum I had here was something to behold and its darn good the kids weren’t around to witness it lol. I do feel for Minnesota though because NZ has put me in time out to “get over it”! Such is life hey?

      Its damned annoying to know that I have been so hopeless with a ruler but at least that’s something theoretically simple to fix. Fingers crossed for me please :o)

      • amaryllislog says:

        I love your determination! This is really an amazing accomplishment!

        And just for the record I have made things twice, three times and they all fit differently…why is that?

      • Oh you are wonderful :o. I decided it was best to leave the seam ripper packed away last night after all and had a couple of wines and munchies instead. Determination will wait until tonight ha ha ha.

        Do you reckon its to do with the fabric? I wonder because each of the calicos were made with a different calico bought or acquired from different places. I know I’m pretty inaccurate but surely not a whole size’s worth? I wonder if its also fabric differences as much as anything else too. I am about 3kg lighter than when I started but that shouldn’t make much of a difference either? Hmmmm.

  9. Oh, don’t get too upset. I know it sucks, but every pair of trousers is a precious experience, you can’t buy or fake that!

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