Structural integrity issue

This is the bodice of the wee dress I made for our little friend, worn for part of one day until she stood up.  Can you imagine?  How could she?

Part of the dress remained firmly fixed to the floor under her foot long enough to shred the fabric just there.  Poor old Miss By Golly was rather upset, which I completely understand, and I need to figure out how to fix it.

Not sure I can so I think I’ll make her a skirt instead as that will be less likely to suffer similar integrity issues?  Perhaps.

Meanwhile I am in the process of unpicking and re-doing my trouser waistband.  Again.  Possibly using one or two of these.

God what a horribly over lit picture.  Apologies.  I went to bed shortly afterwards.

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11 Responses to Structural integrity issue

  1. Kat H says:

    Hi there! A few of us Wellington sewing/craft bloggers are having a meet up on 24 November, and wondered if you’d like to join us? Some more details are on my blog here:

  2. Tia Dia says:

    Oh! I HATE it when that sort of thing happens. Y’know, I’ve had several little girls do similar things in both me-mades and RTW garments, and the best way I’ve fixed the problem is to interface the back, and sew it together again into the band. Not very pretty on the inside, but it strengthens the fabric to withstand the pressures of standing up. I guess you’d have to topstitch the band once you picked it apart, inserted the interfaced front sandwich style between the band & band facing, but it would work. Speaking from ‘sperience, y’know…. 🙂

    • I am very glad it isn’t just me and my ability to sew weakly, or something! The whole seam allowance was shredded so to hide that I’d need to effectively shorten the bodice by the shredded amount (1/2″ or so) at which point the under arms will be pulling into Miss By Golly. Have I understood that right? I was thinking I could run up a wider band to add that length back ….

  3. Pendle Stitches says:

    Aw crappity! I hate it when that happens. Isn’t there enough ease to raise the waistband a smidge?

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