Troosers ….. nearly

I’m getting excited because I have only the closures to go and I will have finished my troosers (more or less)!

Right.  So buttons?  I do have a very nice button.  Hmmm.

Snaps?  Um.  No.  Don’t want snaps.

Hooks and eyes?  Well, not the ones I hand sew in because I would like something stronger.

Is that it?  I had a trawl through my books and found there is something called “no sew” hooks and eyes.  These look perfect, if I can find some, so I’m planning an expedition to Wellington tomorrow to see what I can see.  MPB has a how-to on them which has further peaked my interest.

Have you used such things?  What closures do you use for trousers?  Like them (the closures and the trousers!)?

Other than trou I whipped up a couple of party skirts (dress-up variety) for the kids to wear to their school Halloween disco.  Here’s the pink one in the works…

… and finished the little pink dress for a wee friend’s birthday.  AB thought it would be good for twirling…

Its a cute dress but too cute for my two I think so I’ll save this pattern for littler cherubs in future.  The wee friend liked it I’m told plus it was fun to make and provided me with some good bias edging practice.

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11 Responses to Troosers ….. nearly

  1. amaryllislog says:

    Okay you must show your trousers! I have no opinion on snaps, clasps, buttons as I am too chicken to make trousers although I recently purchased a pattern and fabric for them (I must be warming up to the idea)!

    Super cute party skirts, and yes twirling is so important especially for little girls!

  2. Pendle Stitches says:

    I love making trousers…mainly because they fit soooooo much better than RTW. At the moment I’ve only made back zipped trousers and have used a trouser hook and bar fastener. I’ve been very pleased indeed with the result. Nice and sturdy.

  3. Ok, am now humming “Donald where´s your troosers” and I blame you! Super cute dress 🙂

    • I like Donald. Sorry though cos there’s nothing more annoying than a tune in your head that won’t SHUT UP! X). I’m going to photograph them when I get the closures done promise promise.

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