Spring sewing

The last two weeks have been rather wonderful.  Spring sprung in time for the school holidays so we took advantage of the changeable weather by sleeping in, gadding about in PJs until 2pm, eating cake for lunch, visiting Grandies etc.

I even managed a bit of sewing most days and made a wee dress for the kids.  I had to.  They begged and it was the holidays.

The fabric is a lovely light cotton I found at an op shop ages ago and the bias strips I made some time back so it was lovely to bring them together.  The buttonholes, neckline ruffle, bias finishes and french seams inside are all relatively or completely new to me and I am happy with the result.

But the best thing is that I sewed the whole thing up on my sewing machine.  I didn’t use the serger or coverstitch once.  Not once.  That, my dears is a first.

So as a trial garment (for which a slip is needed!) the kids love it and have picked out fabrics for the next ones.  You can see the bodice of version two in pink and orange at the bottom right of the pic.

Oh, the pattern is BS style 143 from 05/2012.  Nice and easy for my fumble fingers to learn as I sew.  I have changed a few little bits a pieces but nothing substantive really.

Maybe I will manage to get onto my blogroll now that the kids are back at school (and snot free).  In the mean time I will leave you with this view of the back garden.


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14 Responses to Spring sewing

  1. Very cute and your back garden is divine!

  2. Awh…thanks for popping by and leaving a comment… I haven’t commented either, in a long time! This dress is really cute… I wish I could bake you a pie in exchange for a simple maxi skirt 😉 (I’ve been looking for one for ages, but it seems like the fashion Down Under isn’t heading in that direction! 😦 )
    Keep all your amazing sewing up, I wish I had kept going myself, did it for about a year, and then stopped… 🙂 Perhaps a future maxi-skirt sewing project will start me up again 😉

    • Yes please please please to the pie for sewing swap. I bet though you’d make a gorgeous, scrumptious pie and I’d be tangled up in a seeming simple but actually fiendishly difficult pattern LOL.

      Speaking of Fashion Down Under …. might be you have to get the SM cranking and get yourself sewing something then!

      • 😀 hahaha… yeah, looks like I’ll need to get it going myself. Do you know of any A-line skirt patterns (that aren’t too complicated) I can make? Or where I can find one, rather? 🙂
        fati. xx

      • Oh good idea about making an A-line skirt as I’d love to make one too – its a shape that works really well for me I think. Anyway, I do have a wee plan to check the internets for a good pattern so I’ll do that this weekend and let you know what I find. :o) Should really check my pattern drawer too cos I probably already have something I can use too lol.

  3. amaryllislog says:

    Lovely spring garden and adorable dresses! I had to laugh at “snot free” I so remember those days!

  4. sewbusylizzy says:

    That’s a lovely little dress, I’d looked at it a few times and been remotes. Now I’m really tempted!

  5. Jo says:

    Nice! I like the look of the corner bodice too! Cute colour combo!

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