Spring snot gurgles

Our children have been stolen and replaced with snot gurgles.  Very clever creatures snot gurgles.  Easy to identify but rather difficult to banish, damn them.  As a result tissues are in rapidly decreasing supply in New Zealand and every cough is regarded with the utmost suspicion.

Of course that means time off school again and while AB was home last week she decided she wanted to do some sewing.  The machine was a little daunting so we settled on a needle and thread, pink pink pink fabric and the beginnings of a bag.  “Mummy this is the BEST day of my life!”.

Interrupted nights and sick kids most of the last month made for little actual stitching but I have added a few things to my room.  New fabric, mostly wovens amazingly enough, much of which was washed and dried during the weekend’s glorious spring weather…

… three new pairs of scarily sharp scissors and a wee stack of new patterns.  The scissors are Brilliant.  Brilliant.  I didn’t realise how amazing it is to have scissors that snip perfectly right to the very tippy top of their pointy ended blades.  I tell you that next to my machines the new scissors are the most important tools in my sewing room.

In addition to purchasing stuff, I have traced out a couple of BS patterns (kids ones), made myself a new merino top and panicked.

Do you know it is October?  That means I had best be thinking about Christmas pressies for folks abroad.  Gulp.

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8 Responses to Spring snot gurgles

  1. hahahaha it’s awesome that you’re infecting them with the sewing bug though.=)

  2. Jo says:

    Yes, christmas always creeps up so sneakily doesn’t it?
    No idea what I’ll be doing for gifts…
    Looks like you have some sewing plans, exciting!
    I’m going to made on marion this week. I hope you come along sometime. Have you been back? 🙂

    • Hey Jo – wish I could come to Made on Marion’s too but the timing is hard for me with JJ working late most nights etc. Still I am sure I will figure out how to get there one day soon. Let us know how you get on tomorrow.

  3. SewingElle says:

    Snot gurgles. That made me laugh. I think I know exactly what they are!

  4. The best day of her life – how lovely! Yes, time to think about making Christmas presents and I so agree with you about the scissors 🙂

    • I was thinking of making some truffels for chrissy gifts too …. kitchen rather than sewing room stuff this time around, well for the local folk anyways. And for us too …. yum.

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