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Slumping while I sew

Have you considered your posture when sewing or crafting?  Mine is crap and I am heartily sick of aches and pains. When I stopped to think about it I realised I do a bunch of things all wrong.  I hunch, … Continue reading

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Spring sewing

The last two weeks have been rather wonderful.  Spring sprung in time for the school holidays so we took advantage of the changeable weather by sleeping in, gadding about in PJs until 2pm, eating cake for lunch, visiting Grandies etc. … Continue reading

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Spring snot gurgles

Our children have been stolen and replaced with snot gurgles.  Very clever creatures snot gurgles.  Easy to identify but rather difficult to banish, damn them.  As a result tissues are in rapidly decreasing supply in New Zealand and every cough … Continue reading

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