Trousers and the piles in the corner

The third and final muslin for BS 04-2011-104 is done and I am happy enough with the fit.  I won’t picture it here because I’m sick of the sight of it and its not really much different from the last one.  Slightly fewer wrinkles is all.  Anyway, I’ll decide what fabric to use and start working on the real deal version during the week, all things being equal (we are a plague house this winter).

Oh there is one little muslin thing I rather like  …. I was having trouble fitting the waistband so chucked the pattern piece and used a Threads Magazine article instead – from Tailored Trousers in Issue 162.  I didn’t do a very good job of lining seams up, but its the bias binding finish I like.  So simple too.

Other than that I’ve been sorting out the piles in the corner.  Some of them are pretty stubborn but now at least most of my fabric is neatly stored by type in plastic boxes in the wardrobe.  That makes plenty of room for all three machines to be setup at the same time.  At The Same Time!  A first for me and just in time as I have to make up two little ballet costumes for the kids’ concert later in the month.  Lycra sparkles galore in slightly unpatriotic** gold and green.

**Ed: for those not in the know here in NZ we sport black (often worn with white) for sporting events such as, say the Olympics.  Gold and green is generally worn by Australian sporting representatives and Australia is considered by some to be our closest sporting rival.  Given the great global sporting extravaganza currently underway in London, will I be having a word with the ballet teacher about her choice of colour?  Ahem.

The only remaining piles are these three, more or less.

The folded fabrics are mostly knits and I don’t want to file them ‘out of sight out of mind’.  The two greenish pieces are vintage I’m wondering what to do with.  The orange fabric and the unruly bags are all unfinished things I forgot I had or have been avoiding for one reason or another.

One other interesting thing of late is that I finally got my arse into gear a couple of weeks ago and went along to Made on Marion‘s Wednesday night catch-up.  There I met the lovely Jo and learned a shit load just watching Maryanne (aka MrsC) help Jo fit her bodice muslin.  Maryanne also got me thinking more and more that I need to get sewing by feel more rather than being stuck on how it ‘should’ be done.  She blogged about it a whole lot more eloquently than I ever could …

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16 Responses to Trousers and the piles in the corner

  1. amaryllislog says:

    I’m so impressed with your trousers! I’m still on the fence about making pants…seriously how many tops do I need?

  2. Jennifer says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing your final trousers. I plan to conquer that project sometime this fall (wait! that’s just around the corner!). In fact, I just bought that same Threads issue, in part for the trouser section. The bias binding is a nice touch.

    • Hi Jennifer and thanks for the encouragement. I sat last night feeling the two fabrics I needed to choose between and couldn’t quite so may have to ask the kids to choose for me. LOL they’ll probably head for the pink sparkly stripey cotton poplin which I could use for the bias I guess ;o). I look forward to seeing how you get on with your conquering too

  3. Pendle Stitches says:

    Good grief! Dance costumes are the work of the devil without the unsporting choice of colours. Good luck with them. And the recalcitrant piles of fabric.

  4. Finally! The trousers of joy and delight! Don’t mention the black and silver. Lots of people here (in Oz-the conservative media mainly) griping on and on about seeing the backs of those unfiorms in every Olympic event XD

    • Oh the media …. keeps everyone commenting about their comments. At least they are involved in the well documented swim teams, ahem, uniforms …. Now, where are is the joy and delight? I know its here somewhere …

  5. Jo says:

    As I’ve already said, it was very nice to meet you 🙂 I’m glad your trousers are coming along!

  6. MrsC says:

    I think I met another dancing Mum this weekend – she too was making gold and green leotards for a recital and lives up your way! Small world eh! hehehe. And nice to see a new post, I’ve been checking every day to see how the troos are doing. Thanks for the links! xo

    • Sorry am a little slow with the posting! I’ve been checking you too :o)

      I wonder which dancing mum was doing green and gold – will have to ask on Wednesday …. unless there are multiple daffodil productions in the wellington region. Very small world as I am constantly surprised by … Once kids are well am going to come in with troos on a Wed, assuming I’ve done something with the darn things :o)

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