Back to normal, nearly

Kids back to school for the new term – check.

Hubs back from Sydney tonight – check (wish I could’ve gone too).

Sewing room purge underway – check.

Welt pocket practice complete for now – check.

For the Great Purge I cleared out five large black polythene bags full of fabric, scraps and re-fashionable clothes.  All this means I now have an almost empty double wardrobe to be properly organised and utilised.  For god’s sake don’t tell Anyone.

Most of my remaining fabric is in four big plastic boxes under the 2nd sewing table which I can’t therefore use.  Guess what my next job is?  I will need shelves and a glass or two of wine I think.

Of course, while dropping the bags at the thrift shop I did have a quick look at patterns.

Aren’t those dresses cool?  The top row are from 1968 and the lower dated in the 70s …. I love the shapes and lines though some will be a little small.

In terms of actual sewing, the double welts are looking good, despite my lack of pointy scissors.  I’m thinking about doing double welts on the front and back of the pants with contrasting fabric for the welts.  Double welts on the front?

Shall check on the next muslin to see if its too much.  Oh, and make sure I haven’t mucked up transferring all those pattern adjustments.  As if.

Well clearly my brain is still sleeping in because I again forgot to mention that Jo  from Making it Well and I are organising to meeting up in Wellington NZ soon to talk about sewing/stitching/weather/whatever.  If you’re interested let either of us know.

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14 Responses to Back to normal, nearly

  1. amaryllislog says:

    I too love the patterns you shared. I’m inspired by your clean-up. I’m in need of moving some things on. It’s amazing how it seems to collect over time!

  2. sewbusylizzy says:

    Ohhh love that Style 1916!

  3. Jo says:

    Ooh pretty patterns 🙂 Style 1916 looks like Sewaholic’s Cambie dress, don’t you think? Oh how I COVET! lol

    • Hey so it does! I hadn’t noticed. It is cute hey but the frost this morning is convincing me to go with sewing up another merino roll neck thingy! 1918 will have to wait for warmer climes.

  4. Andi says:

    Your kids are back to school already? Are you on the year-round schedule? My kids still have more than a month off school!

    I really, really need to get some stuff off to the thrift or just tossed out entirely, but our whole house is such a mess with remodeling — they’re ripping out part of the kitchen today, argh — so I’m just trying to ignore everything. I’m afraid I’ll get rid of all the wrong stuff, even though I know I have copious bags of things I should dispose of. Trying to work thru my wardrobe at the moment…

    • In NZ there’s a short break in July (2 weeks only) and another in a couple of months. The longer holiday is over summer and Christmas/New Year when the weather is, supposedly, calm and clear. Warm too. Anyway, school starts in March and finishes for the year in December – does that make it year round?

      Definitely do think waiting to clear out closets is a good idea, particularly as the work has only just started at your place. Just imagine what it would be like having to be kitchen/laundry-less in winter. Bigger Shudder (capitals intended!!).

  5. ozviking says:

    How could you bare to part with 5 large bags of fabric and clothing? Oh boy, it must have hurt so much. I can’t help imagining all the possibilities…. Anyway I am sure you thought long and hard about it. Vintage patterns – hmmm – I guess I am vintage myself and I struggle to find the attraction – double vintage (model and outfit) – no I don’t like the idea. Having said that, I fully appreciate how a young slim person like yourself would find those patterns so exciting.

    • I don’t know but it really really had to be done. Most of the stuff I hadn’t got around to doing anything with in years and I don’t think I ever would. Anyway I’ll build up more in a bit for sure. About the vintage patterns, I feel the same way about the 80s and 90s but the tailored etc looks from earlier times I can’t help love, most of the time. Before made in China became normal. When people could and did sew. Fascinating.

  6. Phew – you got lots done. And I love those patterns!

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