Life and times

The last two weeks have been rather turned things upside down for reasons I won’t bore you with.  Suffice it to say life has changed priorities and soaked up brain matter all at once.  Consequently I have done almost no sewing.

JJ has been away for a while and normally I would take advantage of this by sewing more than normal, tinkering in the sewing room etc but not this time.  Still I have managed to find time to check out my local thrift stores bringing home a few bits and bobs including these…

The flowery greeny fabric is a ‘vintage’ knit, fairly substantial, though I’ve no idea of its composition.  I’ll have to do a burn test on all of them I suspect though the white is a linen or linen blend and the pink chiffon probably polyester.  The dotty is hopefully cottonish and the orange floral a heavy weight denimy feeling fabric destined to be a skirt or two for the girls.  Now, where did I put those matches….?

As for the patterns – 5804 is missing a couple of the facing pattern pieces but I should be able to make do or draft up replacements.  I don’t have anything this shape in my stash, amazingly, so it was a steal at 50c.  The other has interesting raglan sleeves, which I’ve not really seen in a shirt and all the pieces are there – yipee.  Both seem to be in or near my size though I’ll probably have to up the size a little on the first one, depending on how much ease it has.

Other than that, brain mush notwithstanding, I have been practising the seam method of alterations on copies of pants patterns.  Snip snip.

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21 Responses to Life and times

  1. CGCouture says:

    If I knew where you lived I would absolutely steal that simplicity pattern while you sleep. 😉 (OK, not really….I’d just beg you to let me borrow it until you finally gave in.) 😛 I’ve been looking for a raglan button up blouse, and they are very hard to come by.

  2. Pella says:

    I think you have a gem in the floral knit. Never mind the fibre, go for the pattern!

    • Hi Pella – of course you are absolutely right. I have no idea what to make with it yet so will keep it visible until I am inspired. Too much has been ‘lost’ into the cupboard.

  3. Kalina says:

    Love the greenish vintage knit fabric! That will be fun project to make (and watch) 🙂 Sorry to hear about the life getting in the way, heads up, hope it will get better soon!

    • Thanks Kalina – there are more smiles here of late which is a great start. I don’t know what I’m going to do with the greeny fabric, I have a little over a metre of it too.

  4. Jo says:

    Ooh cute patterns and fabric! 🙂 Hope life gets more sorted 🙂

  5. PendleStitches says:

    Hoping that things improve for you very soon. xx

  6. 5804 looks like a nice, practical shell shape (not practical for me since I don’t wear blouses, but I wonder if it could be done in a knit). I really love the orange twill, and it would make a great skirt or two. Better you than me on the chiffon, though!

    Life does tend to get in the way of sewing, doesn’t it? Sometimes I fantasize about all the sewing I’d do if I didn’t have a life — then I wake up and realize I’d be bored out of my gourd!

    • Frankly the chiffon is for the kids for some sort of dress up thing. Haven’t figured it out yet but will probably be a princess dress component. It’ll be a hack sew job for sure.

      I’m sure 5804 could be done in a knit but would need to muck about with sizing. Hmmm, I’ve got Tshirt patterns I’d use for that and they don’t have pesky darts though. Oh there’s a thought – I do have some pretty un-stretchy knits (what’s the point I ask every time I put them away again) which probably do need darts to be wearable…. Good idea Andi!

      With a bit of luck life is back in its box from this weekend, more or less, and I can get on with some fun stuff again. Hmmmm

  7. Claire says:

    You’re right, Calico. It could be great with the right fabric. And it looks like it could be kind of an easy pattern.

  8. Javie says:

    Know what you mean by “life soaking brain matter”. Haven’t sewn much either. Happily stashing though… 🙂

  9. Claire says:

    Dear Calico,

    Sorry to hear you’ve been having trying times.

    I like your thrift store finds.

    View 3 of 5804 will give you a chance to use up some of that lace you inherited. But would you dare wear it?

    Take care,


    • Hi Claire – what a good idea, thank you. What a good idea to use the lace and I think I would wear it as long as I found the right fabric to go with it. Oh, and kept well away from anything sticky!! It would be much more of a pity to never use the lace don’t you think?

  10. What´s a burn test? That´s new to me, and would be very useful I think if I don´t know exactly what the fabric I´m working with is made of.

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