Catching up

Guess what?  I’ve started making a pair of trouser for myself.  Yes.  Very exciting for me anyway.  They’ve got a rear welt pocket, front flap pockets and a fly front.  Cool.  Anyway, I’ve traced and mostly sewn them up in calico with just the waistband to do before I can check fit.  I’m using BS 02/2011/104 :

Of course, just when I get to sew something for myself life happens and, suffice it to say the pants are on hold for a week.  Instead AB needs a frock for a wedding on Saturday next.  It won’t be a biggie cos she’s five and it’ll be fun to sew up I hope.

This morning we dove into my pink fabrics collection with AB happily comparing colour combinations for half an hour before deciding on three (butterflies ARE mandatory at a wedding supposedly).  Tomorrow I need to find a pattern.

Oh and I found this the other day.  Isn’t it amazing?  Its the 1969 version and in fab nick.

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5 Responses to Catching up

  1. Those trousers are cute, but they have WELT POCKETS. I could do a whole rant on welt pockets, but I will not do it here, ha. You’ll have to show us how you get on with them. I’m sure the butterfly dress will be adorable.

    Is that Singer book a library copy? I don’t usually see those plastic covers on non-library books. I am massively in love with the psychedelic artwork on the front!

    • Yes. Um welt pockets. I have read several rants about these and am determined not to be put off. Um. Much. Still, I am going to practice welts on calico and the linen (if that’s what I go with) before doing them on the garment for real. I expect swearing and stomping and breaks for liquor to punctuate all iterations though. Perhaps I’ll have a couple of acceptable versions on the final garment to boot…..

      I think the Singer book is a home book cos there’s no library sticker thingy on it anywhere, nor name stamp. I think it was just loved and protected by the owner – the plastic was soft light stuff not the harder stiffer stuff you see on library books too. I want a copy of the artwork on the cover too for my sewing room …. will let you know if I find a copy.

  2. What fabric are you going to use for trousers?

  3. Kalina says:

    great trouser pattern, I’m curious how it will turn out. Pair of trousers is on my to do list, but so are many, many other things… Would love to see the butterflies frock too 😉

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