Bodice block is on hold for the mo

A few evenings ago I climbed back into the bodice and stood very still while JJ carefully pinned me in (note to self, a centre back closure on a block is just daft).  About ten minutes later he ever so patiently ‘let me out’ and the block has been lying in a scruffy wee pile since.  It does have a few new pins in it.  Just a few, rather under confidently placed.

I wanted to get into it to have a better look at SBA volumes but it all felt too hard for some reason so I wimped out.  I’m being terribly lazy now and waiting for my dress form to arrive before getting on with it.

I have been sewing though but for the kids and other folk.  Nothing for me, which is a little annoying and mostly rather boring fare I’m afraid.  Still, it is better than nothing I think:

Output included three skivvies and two fleece hats for my girls, two tops for my friend’s birthday, another jumper for Dad (this time round necked), a snuggly nightshirt for my wee nephew and three baby  blankies and scarves.  All knits, mostly merino and cotton and all serged and coverstitched.  Not all pictured as the girls are wearing the skivvies and hats today (brrrrrrrr), the Dad jumper is en-route and the blankies and scarves have been delivered to their new owners.

Mutter mutter mutter.  Soon will sew for self.  Soon will sew for self.  And tidy the sewing room … Yes.  And that.

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8 Responses to Bodice block is on hold for the mo

  1. Tanit-Isis says:

    Aww! I find I retreat into kid sewing when I’m feeling frustrated over stuff for me or just need a quick fix. Something about the smaller pieces just makes everything seem easier…

    Good luck with the bodice block, when you get back to it. 🙂

  2. You´ve been busy but hope you get to do something for yourself. Am planning a root through my fabric stash to plan what I´m making next!

  3. Kalina says:

    I understand you so well 🙂 People ask me all the time to make something for them or their kids, and being good friend I sometimes give in – but if I don’t get to sew a project for myself for too long, I get frustrated!

  4. Andi says:

    Skivvies are…underwear? Right? I am not entirely sure i have the right mental picture here.

    I need to make Middlest a costume for a school presentation — by Friday. I am already trying to figure out if I can just stitch together a bunch of t-shirts and drape white muslin over it for a toga. Anything to get back to sewing for myself!

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