Dress form oh oh oh oh

The dress form search is over and within three weeks one of these will (miraculously) arrive at my door.  Very very excited.

It is made in New Zealand – very pleased about that – and they do custom forms, for which you are ‘cast’ at their workshop (too expensive for me) and tailors forms in the usual  standard sizes.  I did think about getting a standard 10 lengthened so I could then pad it out to my shape, but that was going to cost $1,200.  Oh well, if wishes were fishes I’d go custom …..

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13 Responses to Dress form oh oh oh oh

  1. Andi says:

    Looks great! $1,200 is just too much for a dress form (I wonder if designers feel like that but then cough up the dough anyway….). I’m not a fan of mine, but you might have better luck with yours. It looks like it has more adjustable points and fewer huge gaps. On the other hand, I sew a lot more pants and skirts so that may be why the dress form is kinda “meh” for me.

    • $1200 – probably. Wish I knew one I could ask. Then again I guess they’re designing for standard sizes and don’t have to consider gals like us with low waist etc. Perhaps they’d need more than one form anyway?

      I really really hope I didn’t muck up my measurements too much … Either way, I know I got my low waist right so will have a pretty big gap there which I’ll plug with cotton batting or whatnot. T’will be fun hey!

  2. Nice! Can’t wait to see it. I got one a couple of weeks ago (the Diana one)- there wasn’t much choosing really because it was the only one that wasn’t made in China (its made in the UK) and was a petite size but it seems pretty good so far. =D

    • I kinda guessed you had one when you mentioned draping for the knit tops you are planning…. Have you done anything other than turning the dials to get it to your shape? I’m thinking I’ll need to stuff the waist gap and do some padding it out in a few strategic places.

      • Just the dials thus far seems to be working fine but I’m only using stretch knits at the mo’ so if there’s anything outta line it’ll turn up when I do wovens…

      • I will keep an eye out for the wovens …. mine will be subjected to these as soon as it arrives as I am being lazy with the bodice block. Getting annoyed having to ask for help fitting and not being able to see what is going on back there….. It is laziness because there are plenty of wonderful dressmakers out there with no form making lovely lovely things in all kindsa fabrics.

  3. Funnygrrl says:

    Very nice. I hope you and your new friend are very happy. 🙂

  4. Looks fabulous – I got one last year but was so focused on getting a large bust size that I didn´t stop to consider the waist and hips and even at its smallest, it´s too big! I´m sure yours will be much better 🙂

    • Oh I remember you commenting about that last time I posted about forms, and so I was careful to check those measurements. Here’s hoping I managed to wield the tape measure accurately for once …. I’ll let you know in 3 weeks.

      Can you flick yours online and buy a better sized one? Not sure what the market for dress forms is like where you are!

  5. 1107nikki says:

    Ooh, ooh, that is sooo exciting! I MUST order their catalogue. Anything must be better than going to Spotlight!

    • Oh yes much better and the people working there are lovely. They are online so you don’t need a catalogue as such – check out their site purfex.com. Anyway, check out distributors and go have a look at one in a store somewhere …. they’ll be able to email you a list of distributors near you if you ask them to, though you’ll have to ring around to see who has a form in stock. Now I have to wait 3 weeks. Ummm

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