For me? How loverly

A while ago TJ held a giveaway and I was lucky enough to win the November 2009 Manequim magazine.  I love it when the post brings something other than bills! [Note this post is picture heavy]

I’ve never seen this magazine other than on blogs and it is very cool to flick through and get a feel for it.  There are some styles I would love to make up  and quite a few are pretty dressy so I need to find a few cocktail parties to go to ….

Edited to add the pics …

With the mag TJ very kindly included some cute cute iron ons for my kids.  This has sparked some fairly intense debate between them as to who gets which though it doesn’t really matter as they still share clothes.  Mummy does have to figure out what to put them on.  Hmmm, planning a sewing project around transfers…..

So, to the lovely TJ at The Perfect Nose, many many thanks.

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5 Responses to For me? How loverly

  1. Yay you received it! And, you’re welcome! @lazysubculturalgirl: More pics here.

  2. Aw, sweet! Any chance of seeing photos of the inside of Manequim magazine? And now I think “manequim” sounds dirty… I’m just curious how they compare to Burda.

    • Ahem actually I know what you mean about ‘manequim’ sounding dirty and there are some possibly raunchy tones in the mag but that could just be because I haven’t a clue what the text is saying. Ha. Anyway, I’ve updated the post with some pics just for you :o) Managed to win a battle with wordpress so if you’d like more I’ll scan and email them to ya

      • Thanks for doing all that work! I’m actually thinking now that it reminds me a lot of Burda — beautiful presentation but not a lot of things I would wear. I like the tan skirt on the second page and the dresses, but I don’t think I would go to the trouble of tracing them out and adding SA for those patterns.

      • Oh and I didn’t scan the pattern pages which are more congested than BurdaStyle. There are a bunch more patterns too, of which I I’ll make up a few. Some of the dresses could be cute tops though again lots of garden/cocktail parties required. Perhaps is cotton rather than glitzy satin-y? Dunno.

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