Some action finally

There has been little action in the sewing room of late and that mostly for the kids.  Another set of merino jumpers are done, some with added bling ‘cos I am well bored by the basic pattern … Sequins, little beads, trim and wool felt flowers.

Unfortunately I didn’t think to pre-wash the flowers before sewing them on so they changed shape and lost some colour in the final wash.  The (very rumpled) purple one needs a lengthening piece added – my kids are tall.  Can you tell I’m rather taken with serged rolled hems?

In other sewing related news, more treasures have come home with me from various thrift shops…The lace was $3 in total for about 4 metres all told.  I love the packaging de Paris for the bottom one.  No idea what I’ll use it for yet, but I’ll think of something.

Oh patterns patterns patterns.  I’m not sure why Vogue 2496 appealed to me but it is interesting.  Simplicity 9671 could look like tailored surgical scrubs admittedly, but I like the curved front yoke on the top/dress.  The boys’ one?  Well, at 50c each why not and I do have a few nephews.  Amazingly most of the pattern tissue is intact and uncut so I’m pretty pleased with myself.

Oh and I’ve almost decided on a dress form…  More another time because I HAVE to feed the raucous youngsters.

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14 Responses to Some action finally

  1. Anna Lin says:

    I love these patterns very much!How nice!

  2. Gabrielle says:

    Sewing those jumpers officially makes you a great mum. I’m sure they will be very much appreciated, especially as you went to the trouble to add pretty details 🙂

    Wow you did well! I had to stop going to my local op shop – I was going there every week to look for interesting sewing stuff (or books(, but it got to the point where they could see me coming. The sewing patterns never had prices on them and the price seemed to be going up every week! When the per pattern price hit $5 for not that new Vogues I told them to forget it.

    • Thanks Gabrielle and they love the bling ones, unsurprisingly!

      Oh my god you’re kidding about the $5 per pattern? That’s outrageous. Do you have any other op shops around about?

  3. I used to frequent a local doll and craft show where one of the vendors sold authentic French lace. The packaging was exactly like the card you have (except less beat up, generally) so I’m betting that’s real French lace. Beautiful! I also like the Mad Men vibe I’m getting from all the shift dresses in your pattern stash.

    I also did kid sewing today, but less exciting — sewing Scout patches on Oldest’s uniform. I was about to say, I’ve never made them anything but then realized that was not true — I did make their Christmas stockings. Mostly because I hated the manufactured ones so much.

    • Oh wow that’s great to know. Thanks. Because you went to the craft shows did you pick up any lace? I’m not getting a frilly lacey vibe from you though. Oh other than the queeny frilly blouse the other day. !!

      The manufactured ones here are cheap crap made with awful thin plasticky ‘felt’. It is foul and when the kids walked around with them on they got a rash on their legs. Ewwww.

      I only really sew stuff for the kids because the merino tops for small fry are not cheap and then the little charmers grow out of the darned things. I can buy fabric and make up a top like these for less than $10 a pop. Does take me ages though …. :o)

      • This was back when I used to sew doll clothes for penny money, and lace was a necessary part of that. I still have a drawer full of lace and ribbons, but I just cleaned it out so I could store more patterns. I need to get rid of some of that frippery…

        Yes, store-bought stockings are a horror. The nicest ones I could find were fake “velvet,” too small to put toys in and they developed holes really easily. Plus they had the scratchy woven backing….gross.

      • Oh, if you kept the frippery you could do a giveaway? Would involve trip to postal place of course …..

  4. Tanit-Isis says:

    Well, here I am drooling over your pattern finds again! Also, that lace is exquisite—I don’t think I’d be able to make myself use it (at least the bottom piece) as the packaging is so exquisite.

    The shirts look cute and comfy and yes, the trick is the fun details, isn’t it? 🙂

    • I drool over your finds too, so we’re even. :o) I’m wondering about the lace too – perhaps it will remain in the lace box (I now have a box!) until I kick the bucket then pass on to my kids. That would be sad don’t you think? I really will use it one day. I really will.

  5. Love all those patterns – very jealous 😉

  6. Claire says:

    Can’t believe the good finds you dig up at your thrift store. I’ll need to explore my local ones more often. I’m sure the patterns will serve you well – some cute styles there! And the lace must be an antique! I love the fancy script on the cardboard.

    • Hi Claire – I live in an area with a fair few retirees so I think they must purge their stuff from time to time. It is amazing what you can find but there is a lot of crap too. Let me know if you find anything good when you do explore.

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