Things a tickin’ along

I haven’t done much actual sewing in the last couple of weeks other than this little top for my girls.  Shirring is pretty but boy does it take ages to secure all those ends so thank GOD for zig zag zig zag zig zag and good wide seam allowances.  I must remember to try shirring ‘on the round’ to see if it will work.

BurdaStyle 03/2009/136In terms of slightly more complicated non-knit garments, I’ve been doing some work on my bodice block, though no stitching yet.  It is traced and cut out in all its unaltered glory and will be useful to see how the fit is (or isn’t) as a control, of sorts.  Oh there’ll be wrinkles on the wrinkles and creases every which way …. T’will be fun.

Plus I have been leafing through this book to start to figure out how to do my list of alterations and I now have the relevant sections bookmarked.

BTW I found one alteration my vanity likes the idea of requiring.  That’s the one described as being needed if “breast tissue is higher and firmer than average”.

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6 Responses to Things a tickin’ along

  1. Tanit-Isis says:

    Good luck with the fitting (and the merino giveaway!)

    Shirring in the round works perfectly well, and is how I usually do it. If I must do a section flat, I don’t break the threads at the end of the row, just pull enough so the elastic isn’t tight when I start the next row. Much faster 🙂 The top looks perfectly adorable… and reminds me that both my kids have been asking for more. >_<

    • Thanks and for the pointer on shirring. I tell you that three rows of shirring on each sleeve and then five each for the front and back I was going bonkers with the damned ends. I am going to do it your way next time.

  2. Lena says:

    Oh you are already fitting the block! And I was going to write something on bodice fitting sequence, but got distracted by my new site building. Please do share pictures in all the glory!!

  3. Ha ha – all the ones I have to do refer to ‘bad posture’ and ‘sagging’ 🙂

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