What do you call them?

Are they pants or trousers to you?

It matters very little, I agree, other than when the damned things don’t fit and for me that happens relatively often with RTW.  I haven’t yet made a pair of trou for myself other than those with three basic pattern pieces at most, including the casing for the elastic waistband.

You know, I want to make real trousers in woven fabrics with proper closures etc etc.  Hey, and if they actually fit then OH MY that would be brilliant, and well, kinda the point of sewing really.

Anyway, for those of you who don’t know, Steph at 3 Hours Past The Edge of the World is doing a cool giveaway to kick off a new service she’s gonna offer creating custom pants blocks.  Check out this post on her blog for details.

My RTW pants fit only OK really cos I’m tall tall and skinny most places except at the waist.  In other words, like eveyone else on the planet I’m out of proportion for pretty much all pattern companies and most affordable RTW bands.  Also, I’d love to put to use the pants chapters in Metric Pattern Cutting for Women’s Wear‘,  learn more on pants from various great blogs and use David Coffin’s book.

So perhaps the timing is right and Steph’s post is a kick in the, um, pants.  For me.

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10 Responses to What do you call them?

  1. I tend to call them pants, as trousers to me are what men wear. Maybe that’s a generational thing? I’m currently working on a pair of pants. This is my fitting waterloo as well, so I’m taking it slow. Luckily, all of my pants (including RTW) have similar fitting issues so I’m pretty clear on some of the pattern alterations already, but putting the waistband on will be the real test.

    I think having a professionally fitted sloper is one way to go, or you could just commit to doing a whole bunch of muslins and then see which ones fit you best and why. I also remember reading Sandra Betzina’s Power Sewing, where she said something like 75% of patterns weren’t worth the paper they were printed on. I think the 75% figure is a bit high, but it’s a profound relief to me when something doesn’t work — “It’s not me, it’s the pattern!”

    • It probably is a geocultural and a generational thing. Boy who knew? Anyway I probably am going to do a bunch of muslins, when I figure out what pattern to start with. Maybe I can bribe / threaten JJ to help do the fittings …. And good idea to check whether there are common fitting probs with my RTW trou – that will help if there is.

      When I’m sewing, its probably always me rather than the pattern at the moment. I seem to make stupid mistakes. Ho hum, gotta learn right?

  2. Trousers for sure. Pants are lingerie. I’m under the impression this is a UK-only thing though?

    • Ah but I’m not so sure it is a UK only thing. I remember an Ausi friend arriving at work in London one morning in a skirt announcing very loudly that she “wasn’t wearing pants today”. She was horribly embarrassed when informed of the UK pants = knickers translation. But the US folk in the ‘audience’ understood pants = trousers so we shall see I think. I prefer trousers, at the moment :o)

  3. I have just made my first ever “proper” pair of trousers (yes, trousers to me!) from a Simplicity Amazing Fit pattern – waistband, zip, pockets etc and I´m so pleased with them as the pattern allowed for lots of “tweaking” – can highly recommend.

    • Oh oh congratulations. I need all the recommendations on good patterns I can get. As far as construction is concerned, did you follow the pattern directions of info from elsewhere?

      • No, I followed the ones that came with them to the letter. Some of them took a bit of figuring out, but they turned out really well. I think cutting the pattern was the most daunting as there seemed to be so many pieces (there weren´t though really). I have just dug it out – it was Simplicity 2562. They´re pretty wide legged, but I think I can adapt to make another pair with a slimmer leg quite easily.

      • Hey anything with more than 3 pieces is a lot for trou for me! Thanks for digging the pattern out – S2562 are on my list to buy when I find my big girl knickers!

  4. StephC says:

    There’s so much out there about making pants, I hope once I work out the kinks for this service then EVERYONE in the whole world will wear pants that fit. Or at least the sewists will have pretty, wrinkle-free bottoms… 😉 Thanks for the link!

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