BurdaStyle 02-2010-112 isn’t for me

Not for me, nope.  Not making 02-2010-112 anymore.  Snort.

I can’t wrap my head around how to fit the raglan sleeves to my extremely wide pointy shoulders.  It would be easy enough to find out how to do it I’m sure but I want to get sewing other stuff, like shirts, pants and skirts.  You know, things with zips, button holes, contoured waistbands.  Things I’ll balls up multiple times before I get right, or right enough to be satisfied.  Now that would be so much more interesting.

Anyway, this is what happened when I made the top.  Left to its own devices its likes to ride up and pool around my collarbone.  You can see the folds across the top of my arms and at the shoulder seams, though I have pulled it down a lot (vanity, oh vanity).

Oh and I couldn’t get the neckline to lie flat.  Pesky shoulders again probably.

Okey dokey.  Onwards and upwards.

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10 Responses to BurdaStyle 02-2010-112 isn’t for me

  1. Lena says:

    Emily, did you want a free bodice block? 🙂 I’ll need you to fill the form with the size you need, etc!

    • Hell yes! You are very generous you know, as I’ve discovered while going through your blog which has a ton of very very useful info in it. Thank you. I’ll measure (with help cos I’m crap at that) and fill that form in asap.

  2. I agree with the other comments too. I have a similar Burda pattern I´m working on and it´s the neckline that just won´t lie flat. Am getting to that “walk away” point which is a shame as I love the fabric. Hadn´t heard of steam a seam…like the sound of that!

  3. Turn-under-and-sew necklines are a challenge in knits. I usually use Steam-a-seam to hold the neckline hem in place, then sew it. That helps to prevent it from pulling out of shape. Although, in this case, I’m thinking Lena is right and that the raglan sleeve is just drafted badly.

    Put it aside and try something else. Life is too short for bad patterns!

    • I completely agree and have tossed it in a pile to ignore. May muck about per Lena’s advice at some point, or may just use it as a PJ top for winter. BTW I have to find steam a seam, cos I have read about it all over blogland. I’m sure it, or something like it, exists in NZ ….!

      • Our chain fabric stores carry steam-a-seam in sheet or tape form. I buy the tapes in the 1/4″ and 1/2″ widths and use them to stabilize hems and attach zippers temporarily before I sew them. If they aren’t available in NZ (which would be odd), then I’m pretty sure someone sells them online!

      • Good point. God I love the internet. Lose days in it already, though the kids get kinda noisy if I don’t stop surfing and feed them. Hah.

  4. Lena says:

    Looks like your raglan sleeve is lacking width. I’d slash it at the centre over the shoulder and let the fabric relax, then fix the pattern. But I agree, sometimes we just need to walk away, even if for a little while!

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