One for you and one for me

Apparently early last year I started sewing a top for myself but didn’t finish it.  I say apparently because I have absolutely no memory of this other than thinking I’d like to make it.  It isn’t a particularly remarkable garment after all, just a long raglan sleeve T – BurdaStyle 02/2010/112.  Well, the other day I found the unfinished thing with its pattern in a WIP baggie, half sewn up with (amazingly) a note about it in my current notebook.  It seems that in April I cut out a size 38 with the sleeves lengthened by 2″.

I tried it on and I think its going to be a little big, at least in some places.  The sleeves are, nautrally, about 2″ too long ….  So much for measuring (oh what a familiar refrain).

Funnily enough I can’t remember why I didn’t finish it, with only the neckline and hems left to do …. Oh.  Yes, that’s probably why.  I started it at about the same time as that trouble with my coverstitch machine, so I must have forgotten all about the top once everything was running smoothly.  I do however remember the coverstitch thing very well indeed.

Anyway, I used a lovely soft as soft blue cotton something-or-other blend single knit.  Don’t know what it is.  I found it in a second hand shop at some point.  I’m also not sure if 38 will be right as I seem to be in between this and a 36 in BurdaStyle patterns.  Haven’t sewn enough of their stuff to have figured it out yet (nor stopped to properly measure myself) so we shall see.

Also, my lovelies have been asking and asking me to make them a pretty top or two so I have finally relented.  AB chose the pattern, one of her favourites, BurdaStyle 03/2009/136, and BB chose the fabric from my cupboard, a pretty pink and purple cotton print.  Hopefully I have enough shirring elastic tucked away.  I know I have plenty of pink thread in all manner of hues.

I will probably need to make another something for them after this one is done, as sharing isn’t always a strong point.  Its a phase.  It really is.

So, that’s the plan for my evening.  I’ve already cut out the kiddos thing and JJ won’t be back until late late late so I should be able to get a reasonable amount done on  both.  A ‘finished object’ for ME would be grand so I shall start with that ….

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2 Responses to One for you and one for me

  1. Hope you got your top finished! I know I secretly enjoy it when the Hubs bugs out and I can give myself over to sewing without a second thought.

    Burda has always been a challenge for me to fit. They seem to be made for people who carry their weight around the middle — like apple shapes? I’m a very athletic pear and struggle with fitting anyway, so that might be my issue.

    • Man I’m glad I’m not the only one. I am too tall and, well rectangular. I have no waist or boobs, but don’t seem to be an ‘apple’ as you say. I guess this means I have to just learn how to fit stuff to my weirdness right?

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