Late for Christmas ….

I have FINALLY finished all the now very very late sewn christmas gifts.  Hopefully my brother and sister and their families haven’t got home from their holidays just yet [and won’t read this for a while] ….

The yellow top is for my niece FB, and I just couldn’t get it to lay flat for the photo!  Its in a colour I wish I could wear but suits her very well indeed.  I used Burda 9614 and a cotton knit with medium stretch and lowered the neckline to counter the reduced stretch in the fabric.  From now on I will do a bound neckline because doing a collar like this is OK but I much prefer the other.  Except, this time I managed to make the collar all sticky uppy (crappy measuring on my part).

The two tanks are for my niece IB, who often raids her mum’s closet so perhaps this will help re-establish some wardrobe independence.  I used BS 07/2010/115 in two super stretchy cotton knits.  You know, with mucking about getting the photos uploaded, I’ve just realised that I sewed the back on upside down on the red one!  What a noodle ….

The purple cardi (using NL6559) is in a gloriously soft merino I’ve had in my stash for about six months.  I spotted it at Global Fabrics, knew it was one of my sister’s favourite colours so bought it for her.  I also made her a large scarf with a 1.5m x 75cm piece of the same purple and serged a rolled hem to finish the edges.

Finally, for two of the men in my life (my brother and BIL) I made each a top like dad’s long johns top, using NL6084 (as modelled my JJ here).  However, I cut them way smaller to avoid the tent issues I encountered with the long johns, and I changed the neckline to rounded rather than V.

Phew.  Now I’m going to figure out what to sew for myself.

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4 Responses to Late for Christmas ….

  1. What beautiful things you have made – need to come back and have a proper look around! Thanks for subscribing to my blog, hope you continue to enjoy. Am off nwo to look at those amazing Long Johns!

  2. C says:

    The colors are beautiful and my favorite creation is the purple sweater. The pattern is great looking and the fabric is perfect. Well done! I bet your relatives will be delighted with their belated presents.

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