New Look 6084 long johns done

Hooray, done and they actually turned out OK.  Here they are on JJ, dad being currently unavailable.

As mentioned last time, we couldn’t find a long johns pattern so decided to use New Look 6084 as a starting point.  I made a few modifications, mostly planned and some not so planned.

Pattern Description: “Misses’ and Men’s knit lounge top, pants, and shorts and miss only knit top.”

Sizing: For the top I cut a large but ended up taking it down to about a medium.  For the trousers I cut an XS, then reduced by 3″ at the side seams and made them extra long, down to the XL hem line.  Plus I added a 1″ panel (+ seam allowances) to the crotch from CF to CB and two 2″ panels (+ seam allowances), one at each side seam.

Fabric Used: a fine NZ merino single knit with 5% lycra.  The lycra should keep the fabric from bagging too much at the knees and butt.

Did it look like the photo or drawing when you got through? Yes the top does, other than having long sleeves, though not the trousers because I changed so much.

Construction Notes:  For the top I lengthened the sleeves and then made it up as normal.  When JJ first tried it on it was much too big so I took it apart again, leaving the shoulders and neckline intact (lazy hey?).  Then I re-cut the sleeve caps, front and back sides and arm scythes all down a size and put it back together again.  There was also too much room across the back so I took out an inch down the centre back by adding a serged seam.  This I coverstitched flat so it wouldn’t itch dad between the shoulder blades (imagine what I’d do if I didn’t like you)!

As you can see, the shoulders are still too wide and I made a bit of a hash lengthening the sleeves but hey, long johns are for wearing under stuff.

I only used the instructions for putting the v-neckline together because I haven’t done one before and they were fine.  The process did depend upon turning ‘perfectly’ on the mark and lining up the fabric layers just so.  Unfortunately my precision sewing is, well, shit so I used my coverstitch’s chain stitch figuring I could pull out stitches when I screwed it up.  And I did and I did.  My top stitching around the V is very wonky so I am rather glad it isn’t so visible in the pic.

(I love chain stitch.  I love chain stitch.  Gotta use it more.)

For the trousers – dad wanted them fairly close fitting so mum and I agreed to take the 3″ off at the sides (without measuring as dad wasn’t available), but this ended up being too snug so I added the crotch panel to make sure he had room there and the side panels on the legs.  It worked out really well actually and the panels make it a bit more interesting.

Would you do it again? Would you recommend it?  Yep I’d do it again if my other half wanted LJs.  Its a useful pattern if you haven’t anything similar already in your drawer.

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7 Responses to New Look 6084 long johns done

  1. prttynpnk says:

    Wow, that’s some love and care in the work. Great project!

  2. Tanit-Isis says:

    They look great—good job with your pattern-hack and the resizing (I hate it when patterns fit ridiculously large.)

    I was sure I had seen a similar Jalie pattern—glad someone else pegged it. 🙂

  3. Andrea says:

    Hi Emily, these are great! Even though I am in Florida, I love my Long Johns! I have silk LG bottoms and have worn them every day this week. I never thought about making another pair, but it is a great idea.

  4. C says:

    The long johns look very comfy and cozy. You did a great job. I would never have been able to sew these (I have a lousy sewing machine that eats up knit fabric). Did you consider adding a band at the bottom of each pant leg so that the leg bottoms don’t move up when you put a pair of pants (trousers) on over them? What do you think? Maybe too much of a modification of your New Look pattern? This is too late, but I just found a Jalie pattern for long johns: Oh, and I see it’s out of print, but can be printed here:

    • Thanks C and happy new year to you. I did think about adding a band around the bottom of each leg but dad decided he didn’t need me to. I think he is planning to wear them when they are at tramping huts (hiking cabins) in the bush or under hiking shorts if the weather really closes in. He’s one of these older men who wears shorts when tramping and never pants, even if it is really awful weather!

      Man I wish I had the Jalie pattern before because it looks perfect. Thanks C. I’ll print it out to use for my brothers I think. They live in Europe and the US so get more extreme weather and will definitely want the real deal one day. The perfect pattern always turns up after the fact doesn’t it?

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