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I knew it

Guess what, I am a non-standard body shape.  Oh My God! Hah.  My point actually is that until this week I had been dithering about where to begin with my mission to learn to fit garments to my oddball body … Continue reading

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What do you call them?

Are they pants or trousers to you? It matters very little, I agree, other than when the damned things don’t fit and for me that happens relatively often with RTW.  I haven’t yet made a pair of trou for myself … Continue reading

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BurdaStyle 02-2010-112 isn’t for me

Not for me, nope.  Not making 02-2010-112 anymore.  Snort. I can’t wrap my head around how to fit the raglan sleeves to my extremely wide pointy shoulders.  It would be easy enough to find out how to do it I’m … Continue reading

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One for you and one for me

Apparently early last year I started sewing a top for myself but didn’t finish it.  I say apparently because I have absolutely no memory of this other than thinking I’d like to make it.  It isn’t a particularly remarkable garment … Continue reading

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Late for Christmas ….

I have FINALLY finished all the now very very late sewn christmas gifts.  Hopefully my brother and sister and their families haven’t got home from their holidays just yet [and won’t read this for a while] …. The yellow top … Continue reading

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New Look 6084 long johns done

Hooray, done and they actually turned out OK.  Here they are on JJ, dad being currently unavailable. As mentioned last time, we couldn’t find a long johns pattern so decided to use New Look 6084 as a starting point.  I … Continue reading

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