Shiny new things

This week t’was my birthday and to take my mind off the passage of time I was given these lovely sparkly shiny new things by my gorgeous hubby and kids.  They were exactly what I wished for.

Now, I do love my scissors and they have served me very very well indeed but I am totally hooked on my new cutter and mat.  So many bloggers, quilters and sewers out there prefer them so I don’t quite know why it has taken me until now to put aside my trusty (though rather blunt and embarrassingly squeaky) scissors.

The book is ‘Metric Pattern Cutting for Women’s Wear’ (5th ed) by Winifred Aldrich and I have coveted it for ages so am very much looking forward to reading it over the festive break.

On the sewing room front, I have mostly finished dad’s long johns top with just the hems and cuffs left to do.  I’ll leave those until after he has tried it on so we can check length before they take off into the bush (that’s “forest” for my northern hemisphere readers).  Plus I have traced and cut out (with new tools) a tank for my niece which is waiting to be sewn up along with my sister’s cardi.  I’ll either start those or cut out dad’s LJ pants this evening – not sure which yet.

Hooray – am off to cook dinner!

PS I found this great petticoat tutorial at Sugerdale Clothing’s blog, which you probably already know about, but I can’t wait to have an opportunity to use.

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2 Responses to Shiny new things

  1. C says:

    Those are really nice birthday gifts. H.B. to you.
    How are they going to top that for a Christmas gift?
    Good luck with your present-making. Christmas is around the corner

    • Thanks C and I have dropped some big hints about having maybe a day of uninterrupted sewing time for Christmas. How amazing that would be? Hope your run up to festive days isn’t as crazy as mine!

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