Spring long johns

Dad’s Christmas long johns are underway, though it does seem a little strange to be sewing woolen ones in summer.  There is a good reason though as they are for tramping, which my parents love and do every summer around Christmas.  The weather in the mountains here (and anywhere I guess) can turn nasty very quickly and Dad has always loathed his synthetic LJs.  Mum has been looking at prices for good quality woolens here and they are well over $150 a set for a tall bloke, unless you want to wear a very unmanly colour that is.

We couldn’t find a long johns pattern so decided on New Look 6084 for most of it with long sleeves supplied in part by KwikSew 3299 and much much narrower pants.  My dad is a tall slender gentleman and the fabric has a lot of stretch (merino with 3% lycra) so we should be alright.

We mucked about with the pants yesterday and I was thinking of using the BurdaStyle 01/2011 women’s leggings but we decided against it in the end because I didn’t want to guess about how much more room to add in the crotch etc, not to mention how to put a gusset in, and making the NL pants narrower was by far the easier option.  I’m sure if I had time to look I’d find the perfect pattern online but the jingling of bells is almost upon us and I’ll get caught up reading wonderful blogs when I should be sewing.

Anyway, the top is cut out and I’ve started putting it together, just.  I have never done a V-neck and the instructions are OK but there must be an easier way.  Next time I’ll look to blog land to see if I can find a tute.  If you know of one please send me the link.

So hopefully tonight I’ll finish the top, or most of it, so I can get on with the pants while the girls are at school tomorrow.

If you have a home made Christmas gift list, then I hope like hell it is really short and mostly done!  I swear that next year I will be better organised.

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2 Responses to Spring long johns

  1. C says:

    Very unique gift, homemade long johns!
    I enjoy your blog. Especially your many expressions and words that my North American ears are unused to!

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