Ok so who stole November?

Wow the power of Christmas.  It completely screws with my calendar.  Annually.

I should get my s#%t together in June but every year I forget.  Anyway as with any big festival enjoyed by many, the month or so leading up to it is well, mad.  On top of all the normal and abnormal festive activities, I have apparently decided to continue further into lunacy and make a bunch of pressies for my family, most of which I haven’t started yet and need to be sent to the other side of the world.  Plus I have somehow agreed to sew up some woollen long johns for my dad, seeing as I have so much time, for Christmas.  It shouldn’t take long but and will save mum $$$……..

Who said life was easy.

The kids finish school end of next week so I have only a few days to get cracking.  Perhaps this will give me the momentum I need to tackle some of those sewing projects for myself?  I seem to be procrastinating still.

PS but I do now have a brand new happily growing vege garden, a pile of Christmas cards all written and posted, and some wonderful pickle/chutney recipes to crack on with when summer’s bounty arrives.

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