Lost and found

Finally, this household has lost the winter lurgies and I have found my sewing room.  Oh my how I missed it.  While we were all sick I did finish knitting the tunic thingy but it was two sizes too small so I have started undoing it. Really, I should learn to measure.  Rulers and tape measures are my friend.  Rulers and tape measures are my friend…..

Its this one, Berroco Wright, one of their many free patterns, and I did love the feel and look of the yarn I used.  It was a NZ wool double knit that I had already made into another jumper before unpicking it again so the yarn was all wiggly woggly.  The resultant texture became interesting and a little rugged even after blocking so I will be doing that again.  I am keen to see if it stays wiggly after a warm hand wash once all knitted up.

Anyway, as I said I am back in the sewing room and first I hoed into the piles of mending and did two whole items.  Yes, two.  That IS better than none.  Then with a large sniff at the rest of the mending pile I’m getting on with the first Christmas pressie plus a skirt for me.

The pressie is for my beautiful sister who has asked for the tie front New Look 6559 cardigan – one of my TNT patterns.

New Look 6559

For this I have a large piece of gorgeous rich purple very light weight merino which I think will be perfect for a California ‘winter’.

The Skirt for me is BurdaStyle 01/2011/112, because the equivalent with a kick pleat godet thingy just looked too shark tail-ish (style 113 from the same issue).

I have whizzed up a couple of muslins using an old sheet and I seem to sit nicely between sizes 38 and 40.  Plus I definitely have fewer curves than the pattern requires – no real waist nor hips to speak of and no butt really.  I’m basically a cylinder with legs, which means that I’m tending towards the 40 which I’ll take in at the sides.

BurdaStyle 01/2011/113

However, I think I had better put a zip in the 38 and 40 muslins and see how well the yokes sits before deciding.  T’will be fun and I can practice putting in those side zippers, which will be good for me.

PS here’s #113 – I can’t find a pic of #112 on the Burda mag site in any language, so imagine this without the godet kick pleat thingy and you’re there.

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4 Responses to Lost and found

  1. Rosy says:

    That skirt pattern looks very interesting, I think it will be a very smart base to match the rest of your wardrobe.

  2. prttynpnk says:

    I’m loving that skirt pattern!

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