All about not sewing

My sewing room is dusty.  I look in through the door from time to time as I walk past.  You see, the kids have been sick.  Twice.  Each.  Hubby has been sick on and off for over a month and now its my turn.  Oh and it is school holidays.

This is the worst winter E-V-E-R.

Consequently there has been no sewing action of any kind for an age.  I have however just started to pull apart an old Ann Demeulemeester skirt which is going to be very interesting indeed.  I bought it well over ten years ago have worn it loads and if the gorgeous wool fabric wasn’t shiny from wear and dry cleaning it would still look great – very classic long with fly front and pockets front and back.  I’m looking forward most to seeing how it is constructed around the waist and fly / pockets area … what sort of interfacing has been used and all that guff.

It is black as black though so not something I have the energy to do at night – impossible to see – so to keep my creative self self awake I have picked up the knitting needles.  A hat for the kids is done and I’m onto a tunic thingy for me.  I haven’t the energy to do much more than sit on the couch and click needles together in the evening.

Anyway all will be back to normal soon I hope and, per my last post, my next sewing project will have to be something that is not knit fabric or I will have to put myself into time out.

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2 Responses to All about not sewing

  1. Rosy says:

    I send my best wishes to you for your speedy recovery, meanwhile, keep your mind busy with knitting needles … looking forward to your next post with the progress of your clothes.

    • Hi Rosy – thanks for your thoughts and we have recovered, thankfully. Now suddenly it is spring and I’ve finished knitting (it wasn’t successful unfortunately) and am embarking on a skirt for me (gasp) and then its christmas pressies for family. I am facing my woven fabric nervousness – finally!

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