Am I scared of woven fabric?

I was talking to a friend the other day about sewing (oddly enough) and realised just how uncomfortable I am experimenting with woven fabrics.  I’m fine to muck about with knits but get all silly nervous at the thought of the other stuff, not to mention all the projects half started piled up in my sewing room.  Damned tricksy stuff it is, I’m sure of it.

Well actually it isn’t tricksy at all really.  Just look at all the amazing things folk everywhere are making and all those lovely fabrics and patterns and and and.  Its not exactly going to bite me now is it.

Yesterday I upped the ante a little by telling my kids I’ll make them both a pretty summer dress or two.  Their nagging will probably be just what I need to get on with it…..and they certainly won’t forget my promise.

OK, so where is my courage?

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1 Response to Am I scared of woven fabric?

  1. Rosy says:

    Maybe it’s worth the small face fears … within some time, I’m sure you’ll laugh remembering these fears … Go ahead, please!

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