Ok so not that skirt

I made a muslin of the BS 01/2011/113 skirt and, well I just don’t like it.  The godet kick ‘pleat’ thingy looks too much like a shark fin and I don’t think that’s pretty.  I made the muslin in a soft cotton sheeting and the damned thing still sticks out.

Actually I do like the yoke at the waist and the shape and style of the rest of the skirt so I wonder if I could do something else instead of the godet.  I will have a think.  Then again there are so many pencil skirt patterns out there that I probably won’t bother.

Unfortunately I can’t / won’t post a pic of the muslin on because I cut the wrong size – it was too small.  It seems I can’t measure myself correctly at the moment.  Never mind.  Anyway, the alternative I have come up with is BurdaStyle 02/2011/107.  I’ll probably go for view A and hope there isn’t another godet doodah to deal with.

BurdaStyle 02/2011/107

Yes I will make this one a little bigger.  I have no waist so 107 will be a good one potentially ‘cos I can fiddle with the darts I guess…… that’ll be a learning experience.

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2 Responses to Ok so not that skirt

  1. Rosy says:

    This is also beautiful, I looking forward to see your progress …

    • Hey Rosy and thanks for stopping by. I do really like this one too and am a little torn between this and the other skirt. I’ve since taken the side seams out of the shark fin skirt so it fits and, other than the fin, I do still like the top of it. Sigh. I think I’ll have to try making the 107 up too (don’t you love old sheets?) and see if that it is the one for me. Oh so many options.

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